Monthly Archives: September 2009

Infected wounds buff on the PTR: Updated

Here’s what showed up on mmo-champion: Infected Wounds now reduces the movement speed of the target by 16/34/50% (up from 8/17/25%) and its attack speed by 6/14/20% (up from 3/7/10%). I’m not sure this is actually something that would go live, especially if it’s up-time is going to be near 100%. If it does go […]

What is the weakest druid talent?

Okay, so we know that a lot of talent changes are going to come in the next expansion. They make major changes to the talent trees every expansion. We also know they are switching to a new “mastery” system, which will have a huge impact on how the talent trees are shaped. I’ll make a […]

Hints at a newer class design philosophy

So, hidden in a post about Elemental shaman is a peak behind one of their more recent design philosophies. This seems to apply to everyone, so I figured I would highlight it: One thing I will add is to fret less about scaling. In BC if you didn’t scale well, you were going to be […]