Patch 3.2.2 & druids

What changed for druids: (not much – click here for article)

The moonkin & feral changes are mostly PvP oriented. Also, remember that they changed our Idols so that you can’t have the effects of 2 of the buffs active at the same time (so, you shouldn’t be idol swapping to get multiple buffs anymore).

Resto trees:

  • The only resto change is that the tier 8 set bonus (instant rejuv tick) heals for half as much (but it doesn’t really change druid healing styles – it just makes tier 9 marginally more appealing).

Moonkin mostly PvP-related:

  • Typhoon got an extra 3 seconds added on to the daze. The base spell didn’t otherwise change.
  • When stunned, moonkin take a little less damage (so, you’ll survive melee stunlock a little longer).
  • When you glyph typhoon (PvE), it looks like the range is also 10 yards longer (so be careful not to aggro things down the hall).
  • Balance of power’s tooltip was fixed, to reflect the fact you only got 4% hit. It didn’t change anything except for making the tooltip less confusing.

Feral PvP-related:

  • Infected Wounds: you get the full debuff in one application (so, the tooltip looks like it does twice as much, but it just happens to be the full effect in one punch, instead of needing that to stack twice). It still requires the same number of talent points.
  • Predatory Strikes: Gives finishing moves a chance to have the next nature spell be instant. When you get this proc, it should be easy to pop out and get off an instant heal or Cyclone and then shift back into forms without the risk of having your spell be interrupted.

This also means that patch 3.3 should be hitting the PTR soon, meaning that once you get comfortable, they will start releasing all new changes all over again /sigh.

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3 comments on “Patch 3.2.2 & druids
  1. Fleethoof says:

    Good read as always!

    Just noticed a little mistake, under the Predatory Strikes change you meant to say Cyclone but instead said Typhoon 🙂

  2. Sondahl says:

    Something that’s missed on the notes, we’re doing Ulduar right now and we’ve just noticed the hideous annoying Wild Growth mouse over casting bug ….. is GONE!!!

    Am I really slow and they did this in a previous patch of have they sneaked it in under the radar on this one?

  3. Lissanna says:

    I don’t use wild growth mouse-over macros or mods, so I wouldn’t have noticed. 😉


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