Progress Update – ToC 25 Normal clear

So, even with having the server down all Tuesday evening, and having to fight the “lawl floor respawned” boss Thursday night, we still managed to clear 25-man ToC this week. We managed to get a GM to come help us and GM Aganra spawned the NPC we needed to be able to get the floor to go away so we could reach Anub’s lair the second night… Convincing my raid they actually wanted to stay out of the instance for 30 to 40 minutes for a “soft reset” was actually the hardest part, lol.

So, we got down Anub in a timely fashion on Thursday on the regular 25-man. We were also surprised to see on Wednesday night that the Twin Valkyr were a bit harder this week than they were last week. However, that fight feels better tuned the way it is now, so that healers actually have something to do. We haven’t tried it on Hard Mode at all yet. We’ve got a couple new players we needed to gear up in Ulduar instead.

We also did Iron Council on one of the hard modes for the first time, with leaving Runemaster Molgeim up until last. 🙂

It also looks like, from running 5-mans and such, that the “instance server full” problem may be getting a lot better on Elune. It looks like they raised the instance cap to handle the capacity better now.

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2 comments on “Progress Update – ToC 25 Normal clear
  1. Poras says:

    grats, liss! any suggestions on the faction champions encounter? we seem to be stuck there, and with most of us hating the concept of pvp in a pve raid, it’s hard to get people to work on it.


  2. Lissanna says:

    The faction champions aren’t really about PvP. It’s about crowd control, kiting (ie. have hunter trap or shaman totem slowing melee and then just run away so you don’t die), interrupting casters, and focus-firing down the healers first.

    I like to think of this as punishment for not using crowd control enough in previous WotLK dungeons. The crowd control stuff is all on PvP diminishing returns, but that just means you need everyone (even sometimes healers) to contribute.

    For example, as a druid healer, I can use Nature’s Grasp to get things off my back, I can root things attacking other players, I can cyclone caster mobs, and even hibernate the hunter pet – all while still trying to throw HOTs & nourishes around the raid. It’s not a DPS race to some extent. It’s about controlling the mobs. You can’t just group them up and AOE them down. You also can’t just stand there and let things hit you.

    It’s a fight that we struggle on a little bit, especially for our 10-man groups.


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