Tuesday Downtime Spotlight: Some light reading

So, I’m stuck on campus without a pre-written post for today, so I thought I’d highlight other people’s stuff, since I don’t have access to any of my normal post materials. EDIT: Looks like wow.com announced patch 3.2.2 like right after I finished this post… so I’ll write something else on 3.2.2 a little later today…

Cat Tales – Some light reading

There is a fun (relatively new) blog called Cat tales, which is written by a feral druid (with a couple other characters). There are some fun movies related to exploring Azeroth. It’s low on theorycrafting or “how to” guides, but high on fun and exploration. At the very least, it makes good patch day reading.

Mal’s Journey – from leveler to raider?

My boyfriend finally got hist last character to 80, meaning that he now has 10 level 80s (one of each class). Now that he’s achieved his personal goal, he’s having a hard time figuring out what to focus on now. His current guild has been mostly a leveling guild, but now they are starting to (once again) think about making the transition to a raiding guild. Mostly, what I hear from his side of vent seems to be a lot of fighting and arguing about how to accomplish their goals. It seems that raiding and being a leveling guild at the same time is kindof difficult, even if you PUG. They can’t quite agree on recruitment strategies, how to form their raiding group, whether or not they should PUG people, or just about anything… As far as I’m concerned, they seem to have turned from a leveling guild into a drama guild, which is why I’m glad that I joined a more focused raiding guild a while back.

Tree Burglar – Resto blog & guild relations

Maybe Mal can learn some lessons from our third blog spotlight, which is Tree Burglar. They wrote a post a couple months ago about saving your guild from being consumed by all the drama, and how to deal with some of those major guild transitions. That post focuses on communication, authority, and organization. Tree Burglar also has other more recent & druid related posts (faction changes, looking for a guild, recent patch changes, etc).

More on guild transitions -Graymatter

Even Graymatter has been focusing on guild problems, with the beginning of students’ school years being particularly problematic for raiding guilds. He also highlights problems with the higher tier of raiding in ToC that makes the problem even worse. It’s possible that making 4 versions of the same bosses in ToC 10 & 25-man, normal versus heroic, is just too muchof the same thing – and is really more of a failed experiment than a model Blizzard should build on in the future.

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2 comments on “Tuesday Downtime Spotlight: Some light reading
  1. Ceri B. says:

    Whee! Thanks for the link. I do hope to have more substantial stuff at Cat Tales, but I’m going slow to work out my “voice” for this round of blogging.

  2. Khi says:

    Wow, thanks for the link =D Got several posts in the works, so hopefully have at least a few updates by the end of the weekend.


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