Twisted Nether Live interview with Lissanna on Friday the 11th!

So, on this week’s Twisted Nether Blogcast, I’ll be interviewed live by Nibuca & Fimlys. I will be talking about blogging, and druids, and whatever WoW related questions they throw my way!

If you want to know more about the person behind Lissanna of restokin, this is your chance! I haven’t done interviews other places yet, since my presence has mostly been on the WOW forums until recently.

So, the interview will be this Friday, the 11th of September. The podcast is at 7:30pm PST, which is 10:30 pm EST. They have a chat room where everyone can type while the recording is going on, so you may have a chance to ask me questions directly – or just an opportunity to chat with other people who listen to the twisted nether show. So, head to the Twisted Nether blogcast website on Friday evening and check it out!

I’ve been listening to their podcasts the last couple months, and it usually ends up being a lot of fun to hear the voices behind the people who blog about WoW. If you can’t make it to the live show, they usually post the recording on their website after they have had time to edit everything!

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2 comments on “Twisted Nether Live interview with Lissanna on Friday the 11th!
  1. Boize says:

    Woo, definitely look forward to hearing that podcast. 😀

  2. Relevart says:

    Gosh I hope I’m home for that! I listen to their podcasts often and always enjoy the show. Good luck, although I’m positive you won’t need it.


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