Winning the extended maintenance lottery.

So, after last week’s huge disappointment, it looks like my server (Elune) is now up for extended maintenance. This means that when we log in to do 5-man dungeons and such, or old-world content, the hardest boss will not be the loading screen boss anymore (I hope!). This means that maintenance came to the Dallas Data Center this week (yay!).

However, extended maintenance also normally brings with it a few days of instability and insanity. We’ll see how raiding goes this week, lol.

This week also brings with it the final boss in the Argent Tournament 10 & 25-man Coliseum raid instance. So, you have plenty of time to read up on the newest encounter. My guild has been pretty consistently killing them on 10 and 25-man (with the 10-man faction champions actually being harder for us than anything in the 25-man, due to the way we split our raid group one night). That also means that hard modes for 10 & 20-man should unlock after we kill this final boss this week (yay!). Hopefully, they will be challenging enough to keep us occupied until Icecrown Citadel comes out! There should also maybe be the new Wintergrasp raid boss with the start of Arena Season 7 this week (I hope!).

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6 comments on “Winning the extended maintenance lottery.
  1. Poras says:

    O_O /looks to see if twisting nether is on the list too.

    i hate the dallas center. it screws us over so much.

  2. Keeva says:

    Good luck on the instance server problems. I feel very sorry for everyone having this problem.

    I’ve never experienced it (I feel very lucky). I’m still embarrassed about saying something dumb on the Rawrcast show because I was a bit tired and thought they meant they couldn’t get into groups to do instances – up until that point I didn’t even know that people all over the place were having problems launching instances – I didn’t even know the problem existed!

    Now it’s all you hear about, and it must be horrible. I don’t do many instances, but when I want to do one, I would hate to be stuck waiting to be let in.

    Like heading out for dinner when you’re really hungry, and waiting half an hour to be seated. I NEED FOOD!

  3. Poras says:

    yeah, it’s exactly like that, keeva… except a half hour wait is on a good day x_x

    hopefully this does fix it though 😀

  4. Erispere says:

    I was hoping that it would solve the instance problem, as my server (Whisperwind) was on the list. Server came back up about 9:30 EST, and I was in SW, so I ran over to Stocks, and got the dreaded “Additional instances cannot be launched” message. So, unless they were still doing something behind the scenes, it didn’t seem to make much difference on WW.

    And this was literally minutes after the server came up…

  5. Relevart says:

    You know, I have almost completely lost my motivation to play due to the Additional Instance boss. Hopefully when I am able to return to running an instance at decent hours I will feel a little more motivation to log on and play, instead of dread for daily quests.

  6. Lissanna says:

    The instance server cap is something software side. So, the hardware has to actually be working right before they will actually increase the load on that hardware. So, you aren’t going to reap the benefits until a while after the hardware has been replaced to handle the problem first. 😉


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