You are 80, so now what? (cat focused)

Alannya, a feral druid on Elune, hit 80 Monday night (congrats!). She had spent months and months of time getting to 80, and then hit the level cap and wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. Since I’m pretty far removed from the leveling experience, it’s nice to be reminded of what new players struggle with on a daily basis.

She was originally a transfer to my server, and asked me if I knew of any good guilds she could join while she was leveling. Instead of referring her to another guild, I brought her into my boyfriend’s leveling guild on Elune so that she could experience a better side of the game than she had previously. Since there are always a few people leveling up there, it’s more fun than leveling up in a raiding guild where there’s like zero leveling support. As part of the leveling guild, we spent time doing group quests together, and I leveled my shaman with her a little while when we were around the same level (though she caught up with me and passed me!). We did instance runs together with my other friends from Northrend Privateers, so she could experience grouping and get to learn how cat abilities worked in groups, and sometimes she even beat my shaman on DPS.

So, now that she’s 80, she’s curious about: What spec should she be at 80 for cat form? What new glyph(s) should she get? She was excited to finally be level 80, and excited about being able to start the end-game content she has heard about for so long but never experienced.

So, here are the basics of being cat at level 80. It mostly comes along with a lot of reading material, lol. It’s not easy being a cat! It’s mostly links to other resources that I’ve talked about before. However, I wanted to highlight a couple things here.

The most popular cat spec from is a 0/55/16 build. It looks pretty good for an all-around PvE DPS build without any PvP focus.

For other cat information, of teeth and claws (while no longer posting about feral druid stuff) has some advice that isn’t too outdated. He recommended the glyphs of: savage roar, rip, & shred for level 80 cat form. He also offers a DPS cat build that’s a little bit different than the one I posted above. He also offers tanking advice, which my newly 80 druid friend probably won’t need right now. Not much changed in 3.2, in terms of what talent points people picked up for PvE.

Being cat in PvE groups can be really rewarding, but also a lot more complicated than being solo. One great series of blog posts comes from Altosis, where he explains a lot of the basics of grouping at level 80 for cat DPS. The other posts in that series can be found under his July 2009 archive.

That should be a good start to being a level 80 kitty. Good luck Alannya! Maybe we  can run some heroics together later (just not on raid nights!).

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8 comments on “You are 80, so now what? (cat focused)
  1. Kayeri says:

    Runy’s blog is a good resource!

    And good luck to her! Our kitty druids have been topping dps charts lately, it’s an awesome thing to see. 🙂

  2. Reinu says:

    Gratus on level 80 Alannya


  3. Tympanic says:

    My cat spec is identical to that posted on Of Teeth and Claws. It’s probably not ideal for single target boss damage, but the utility of swipe makes Feral Instinct a must for me. I also like having Survival Instincts available when melee gets crapped on, and I seem to do OK on the meters.

  4. Runycat says:

    I think one of the best pieces of advice I could give to a fresh kitten is to familiarize yourself with all the buffs and debuffs you’re going to have to monitor. It’s obviously MUCH easier DPSing in five mans (in which you can almost just Swipe and Shred indiscriminately) than it is in a raid environment, but the quicker you understand that keeping Savage Roar and the Mangle debuff up at all times, the better you’ll be later on.

    To that end, there are a number of different add-ons that make monitoring all that junk a cinch. As of late, I’m using NeedToKnow, but the more graphically inclined might like TellMeWhen better.

    Additionally, if you’re mainly planning on doing five mans for a long period of time, you can change that basic talent build (0/55/16) a little bit to make it easier. Take two points out of iLotP and one point out of iMangle. Put those three in Feral Instinct, and you’re now a ridiculous Swiping machine. It’s fun to see the kind of numbers you can crank out, but I don’t recommend keeping it for raiding.

  5. Alannya says:

    Thanks Reinu!! {;

  6. Arielle says:

    I’ve found myself using a Glyph of Mangle as opposed to Rip – and finding that Rip can last a very long time even with just a Shred Glyph. I’m in a position where I need the extra debuff time on Mangle so I can keep my DPS up (nobody else in my raid provides a Mangle-esque buff).

  7. Jaymzhendo says:

    I agree with Arielle and Runycat – with added swipe damage your Overall Dps will be much better – the 55/16 traditional build is for single targets – and the glyph of mangle over the glyph of rip is nice as well if you have the shred glyph which extends rip anyway.


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