Monthly Archives: October 2009

The End of Hallows

So, it’s Halloween today and the last day of the Hallow’s End holiday. Did you get everything you were hoping for? Or, did you get beaten by the bad luck monster? I finished the meta-achievement on my druid a long time back, but I didn’t finish everything on my shaman. I did, however, find looting […]

I blame Syrana

So, I’m taking my graduate school Comprehensive exams this week (Thursday & Friday are my writing days for that). However, I wanted to take some time to highlight the Azeroth United charity drive for Child’s Play. One of the efforts related to this event is a really great effort by Syrana & Sideshow, along with […]

3.3 quick updates & race changes

There was another minor update to the 3.3 patch notes. There’s nothing super shocking in the notes directly related to druids. The only relevant druid note is a compromise on the predatory strikes change: Predatory Strikes: The Predatory Swiftness buff from this talent now has an 8-second duration. The last version was 5 seconds. They […]

For the birds

So, with studying for my Comprehensive exams that start Thursday, I have to limit my blog posting time. I did, however, have time to log in and complete the last 3 daily quests I needed for my Silver Covenant Hippogryph! Here’s a picture of me (with my T9 bird-head-helm) on my pretty bird mount: Have […]