3.3 PTR Up – Bug fixes & resto druid nerf

So, MMO-Champion posted spell detail differences, which tend to be more revealing than the official patch notes…


  • Nature’s Grace now procs from non-periodic spell criticals. (Old – All spell criticals)

On first glance, the Nature’s Grace change looks like a tooltip change. We’ve already had a lot of people report that DOT crits were not proc’ing the ability. UPDATE:  The big stars on starfall still have the same ability to proc Nature’s grace based off my PTR testing on Oct. 2nd.

  • Genesis now increases the damage and healing done by your periodic spell damage and healing effects. (Old – All periodic damage)

This is also just a tooltip change. The feral druids used to be confused, thinking it should improve their bleed abilities. The tooltip change should prevent that confusion.

They also changed treants, where they will have protection from AOE effects in PvE but NOT PvP.


  • Swipe (Bear) now has a 8 yards range. (up from 5 yards)
  • Infected Wounds no longer stacks up to 2 times.

Nothing very impressive for ferals, IMO. I’m not sure if you’ll notice the swipe difference, and infected wounds is a tooltip bug change.


  • Rejuvenation now heals 1352 over 12 sec. (Down from 1690 over 15 sec)

A pretty big resto druid nerf, disguised as a “bug fix”. In theory rejuv should heal the same amount per tick, but it will have one less tick. I guess it was inevitable that they would bring a heavy nerf bat down on a spell once it made up more than 30% of our healing done. If you were a heavy-rejuv spammer, this means you can’t cast it on as many people. If you weren’t a heavy rejuv spammer, it still means you’ll have to refresh it more often on your tanks & other targets (which means less time for casting everything else). We’ll adapt & survive, I suppose…

  • Improved Barkskin now Grants 80% additional armor contribution from cloth and leather items.

Some people are reporting that it hasn’t been changed on the PTR (thanks guys!). I guess we’ll have to see how things are developing… Sometimes, the MMO datamined notes are tricky to understand what they’re talking about (as GC says… datamined patch note days are the worst, lol). This is actually 80% for each rank. Just a tooltip change.


Not a whole lot going on that is very exciting for druids. There are adjustments to a lot of low level (1 to 20) scaling and mana efficiency, which should be nice for levelers. It’s still early in the development process, though, so who knows what is really in store. Mostly bug fixes for now…

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9 comments on “3.3 PTR Up – Bug fixes & resto druid nerf
  1. Verdus says:

    Actually, the Improved Barkskin thing is a nerf, too. Currently it gives 160% additional armor in caster and travel forms.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Hmm. Good point Verdus.

  3. Donniana says:

    I was reading on arenajunkies and someone mentioned that it is still listed as 160% on the PTR.

    Whether they haven’t added it yet, the tooltip is wrong, or a patch note error…who knows?

  4. Donniana says:

    on arenajunkies.com it says that it is still 160% on ptr.

    whether it hasn’t been added, or the tooltip is wrong, or the patch notes are wrong, who knows?

    also: some of your recaptchas are the hardest in the world.

  5. Arielle says:

    I don’t even know why they’re buffing Swipe. It’s such a mindless ability to use now, and they’re making people go even more braindead.


  6. Railena says:

    Well as mindless as feral swipe may be, it is a feral tanks key tool to keeping agro on groups of mobs. As our AOE taunt has a rather lenghty cool down, this is really the only thing we have left to keep the mindless droves of monsters focused on us. Yes, it is simple to mash swipe while tossing a mangle or such in there for good measure while tabbing through targets, but getting a bit more range on it will help out in the mass pulling fields that other tanks already hold advantages over feral tanks. And as this seems to only be affect the bears and not the cats, its not like it is a huge buff or going to throw feral cat dps through the roof because they can reach a few more mobs while berserk spamming swipe as the player sits back to drink a hot mocha.

  7. Lissanna says:

    Donniana – thanks for the heads’ up. Sometimes, it’s really hard to figure out what’s going on with the MMO champion patch notes. I’ve revised my statement about the imp barkskin change like 3 or 4 times already based on various sources of information. It may just be something that’s not really a change at all, but just a re-worded tooltip that mmo-champion just didn’t express very well.

  8. Lissanna says:

    Also, my boyfriend added the recaptchas to the blog because of the quantity of spam that I’m getting. It’s also set up so that I have to approve comments the first time people post them. I’m not sure if we could find something better to serve the same purpose. I don’t actually have to type in the words when I post mine, so I don’t know how it effects our readers. If you have suggestions of a better security program for wordpress, I’d be happy to take suggestions. 😉

  9. Donniana says:

    Nah, the recaptchas are fine. You need to do something there, I just got 3 impossible ones in a row 🙂


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