Another update: Rejuv 15 sec again

We have yet another PTR build to play with over the weekend.

So, rejuvenation’s duration will now (once again) be 15 seconds for 3.3 (18 with talents), instead of the duration nerf that was going to previously drop it to 12 seconds (15 with talents). So, the previous duration nerf was reverted & all the lower ranks got buffed! Remember that they can always change their mind in later content patches…

The glyph of rapid rejuvenation (haste scaling HOT) is also now showing up in the official patch notes. The realms are still down, so I don’t have access to see if it’s on the glyph vendor yet on the PTR. (still not on vendor)

Also, there’s a very exciting reputation change for a bunch of factions: You will gain reputation from a handful of Northrend factions a lot faster (including Sons of Hodir). Also, for everyone with alts, ALL of the faction helm and shoulder enchants are now Bind On Account in 3.3. This means that your main that is exalted with Sons of Hodir can buy the enchant for all the alts you didn’t grind the faction rep for.  Wooo!

It looks like they also want us to be able to transfer bind on account items across the horde/alliance factions on a server.

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3 comments on “Another update: Rejuv 15 sec again
  1. lordkyanr says:

    that faction change is awesome…

    i don’t really understand the rejuve changes, I don’t think ill be picking up the haste glyph, i like my hots to be predictable…

  2. yukiji says:

    very happy to hear about BoA enchants. wonder how thatll affect heirlooms(only level requirement then?)

  3. Poras says:

    sounds like two positive changes for once.


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