Base stat normalization. My level 80 NE druid’s stats

So, the patch notes talk about changing base stats, as part of the improvements for classes. I took a look at how my base stats changed for Live versus PTR on my level 80 Night Elf druid.

Racial Attribute Bonuses: These bonuses have been recalibrated to even out the amount of starting health on the various races. All races start with a standardized level of stamina, except for orcs, dwarves, and tauren who now start with 1 extra point of stamina. For each class, bonuses and penalties to all attributes have been adjusted so that each race has an equal attribute total.

Live 80 Night Elf druid stats =

87 STR, 88 AGI, 160 STA, 148 INT, 168 SPI

PTR 80 Night Elf druid stats =

54 STR, 88 AGI, 150 STA, 162 INT, 166 SPI

So, the main shift for my druid was from strength into intellect. This was part of their “normalization” process. It’s not a really big deal, since the stats on your gear matters a lot more than a shift of a handful of stat points here or there. I just thought it would be interesting to turn vague patch notes into actual examples of how things are changing.

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8 comments on “Base stat normalization. My level 80 NE druid’s stats
  1. Ardol says:

    Indeed it is interesting, a bit disheartening for us ferals. That 33 strength is 66 attack power lost (77 in cat form) It’s not a lot, but it’s still a pretty big deal. And with all of our talents, that 10 stamina that we loose is almost 150 health in bear form. Again, not a lot, but it will certainly affect us. Ah well, at least with heart of the wild, we’ll get around 250 more mana. It’s not a trade I would voluntarily make, but c’est la vie.

  2. Lissanna says:

    I think they’re going to take away the STR -> AP conversion for druids in Cataclysm, anyway. Since they don’t itemize STR leather, it seems like a rather outdated mechanic, personally… Not that this helps for the 3.3 patch.

  3. Ardol says:

    That may be true, but we still get strength from our tank rings, so we still need to benefit from it somewhat.

  4. Lissanna says:

    I guess we’ll have to see how they change stats & itemization…

  5. Relevart says:

    I remember being angry about the stat inequalities between Horde and Alliance druids when WSG was first brought into existence and we couldn’t manage to kill the bear druids running with the shaman healers. At last, these inequalities have been righted!

    I don’t see this having a significant impact, honestly, but it is nice to see some normalization at the base level.

  6. Lotha says:

    Some spells are based on base stats , such as innervate, and some buffs are based on percentages of it.

  7. Lotha says:

    After thinking about this a little bit more. The increase in our base INT will cause our spells to cost more mana. As an example wildgrowth is 23% of base mana so costs 340.4 mana, with the changes this wil go up to 372.6 mana. I know this dosn’t seem like much, but since all of our spells are based on a percentage of base mana our mana efficiency hurt.

  8. Thurieldran says:

    Spell cost is based on base mana, which has absolutely nothing to do with int and is completely dependant on your class and only your class, not base int.
    Same goes for Innervate, which is why it regenerates the same amount of mana for tauren and night elf druids.

    Unless base mana got changed, spell costs wont change either.

    What i find interesting is that not only the starting stats but also the increase per level got changed.


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