Blizzchat twitter recap

So, the @Warcraft twitter #BlizzChat session lasted about an hour, and they posted all the answers on the WoW forums.

There wasn’t much in the way of new information released, in normal Blizzard style. 😉

Here’s the recap of the top 3 questions I thought were interesting:

Q: With T10, are we going to see tokens like in Ulduar? or like CC? CC style had every class and spec rolling on same thing.
A: With t10 we’re going to see a hybrid. The tier 10 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 10-player raid) will be purchased with Emblems of Frost.
The tier 10.5 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 25-player raid) will be obtained by getting a token (one that is specific to 3 or 4 classes, much like the ulduar tokens) and using it to upgrade the tier 10 item that was purchased with emblems of frost.

So far, this is the most helpful answer on their little Q&A. I’m really excited if I can buy the 10-man versions, and then upgrade them to 25-man versions as I get the raid tokens, instead of having to wait until I can get the 25-man token OR have to waste badges on the 10-man versions while I wait for 25-man raid tokens.

Q: When do hunters get to tame druids?
A: Right after druids get a hunter form.

OMG I want hunter form!!!1! I already said I leveled to 60 as a hunter pet, so I find this one particularly funny. 🙂 That said, there were a lot of “fluff” and what felt like filler questions that got answered, but some of them were at least entertaining.

Q: Will leveling from 80-85 be like leveling from 70-80?
A: It’s too early to say. We base our leveling more around how much quest content we have and how good the reward pacing feels. If we have as many quests as we did from 70-80 and if it feels like your character is getting a reasonable amount of new stuff for the time invested, then it could end up being similar.

My current bet is that it will end up taking a little bit less time to level up to 85. Definitely longer than 70 to 75, otherwise it would be pretty fast and not all that fun. There are still going to be a lot of quests & new areas to explore, so it’s going to take time to get through it all.

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One comment on “Blizzchat twitter recap
  1. Ardol says:

    Forget hunter form; I want warlock form! FearDOTDOTfearDOTDeathCoilfearDOTdead.


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