GC confirms reduction in rejuvenation duration.

On the healing forums, in the first GC post we’ve had there in a while, GC confirms that the reduction in duration for rejuvenation in 3.3 is intentional.

We don’t want rank 15 to have that extra tick. It is technically a bug in that we didn’t intend for it to have that behavior, but obviously we sat on the change for awhile. However since the popular Resto style has now become Rejuv on as many people as possible, we thought the extra tick had become problematic. Frankly we think druids can absorb the small nerf without hurting their overall healing much.

We’re not trying to hide a nerf, and we can certainly change the patch note to not say bug fix if that makes it go down any easier.  We’ll look into any discrepancy in numbers between rank 14 and 15 and make sure things are working as intended.

I also wanted to point out that this “change” isn’t effecting the amount healed by swiftmend, because swiftmend was always based off of the original 12-second rejuv, and swiftmend was never changed to take into account extra tick(s).

You also still get a 3 second duration increase from Nature’s Splendor. So,the final total is 15 seconds with talents (down from 18). I’m betting that the last tick was likely overheal a lot of the time in the majority of fights, given that my overhealing from HOTs is usually near 70%.  The real bummer is having to lose global cooldowns reapplying rejuvenation on people like tanks that you need to be able to easily swiftmend. Or, for having fewer rejuvs already on raid members to be able to benefit from having it up to buff nourishes or allow swiftmending of your raid members.

This also further discourages the “blanket your raid with rejuvs” behavior that some druids have still been doing, as it allows for basically 2 or 3 less rejuvs (depending on how fast you got them up). You should have known better, anyway, since Blizzard has established a history of nerfing any druid spell that takes up more than 40% of our total healing done. Even just the T8 set bonus change, and the increase in burst damage in ToC 10-man was enough to get my rejuvenation % healing done to drop from about 60% in 3.2 Ulduar raids to about 30% in 3.2.2 ToC raids. Nourish, instead, is climbing up on doing a sizable portion of my healing done (though still below rejuv & wild growth) – even before the rejuvenation duration nerf. People should be moving away from the “keep rejuv on as many people as possible in a 25-man raid” style of healing in 3.3, if you aren’t adjusting your healing style in small ways already.

As for what the new rank 15 rejuv looks like: “Now heals the target for 1352 over 12 seconds”, is down from the 1690 from the original tooltip currently on live. The rank 14 tooltip is: 1192 over 12 seconds, so it’s still theoretically a 160 healing increase from rank 14.

The healing upgrade from rank 14 to 15 rejuvenation is in line with the change from rank 13 to rank 14 renew, which is 165. So, it is unlikely that rank 15 rejuv will have it’s amount healed buffed in any way.

It’s not really a bug fix, it’s a nerf to the amount healed from rejuvenation. Part of the reason it’s likely being done now is to make it consistent with previous ranks, but the timing of it isn’t just in preparation for removing lower ranks of all the spells in Cataclysm – it’s because they thought we could absorb the nerf now.

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8 comments on “GC confirms reduction in rejuvenation duration.
  1. Verdus says:

    It’s just so frustrating being the subject of never-ending nerfs like this. First Wild Growth, then Regrowth, now Rejuvenation, with frequent Lifebloom nerfs all throughout Wrath. Every HoT we have has been diminished since we first set foot in Northrend.

    It’s even worse considering that the trend so far has been more and more spiky raid damage, something that druids just aren’t good at dealing with. T8 helped with this some, giving us that instant tick, but that’s gone now presumably for good. If we’re not supposed to use Rejuvenation when a random raid member takes a sudden 10k hit, what are we supposed to do? Regrowth is too expensive. Wild Growth has a cooldown. Healing Touch is too slow *and* too expensive. Nourish is garbage unless the target already has a HoT on them, but casting Rejuv first is too slow and this nerf makes it less likely that they already have one going ahead of time.

    Blizz just keeps knocking us down peg after peg. And the rest of the healer “community” just keeps cheering them on, pointing at their precious meters. What ever happened to just working together to down bosses and get phat lewtz?

  2. Lissanna says:

    “What ever happened to just working together to down bosses and get phat lewtz?”

    That’s why I made my whole QQ post about how healers are part of a team earlier this week. 😉

  3. Verdus says:

    It’s really all this constant vitriol that gets to me. PvPers hate us for being hard to kill and having good CC (a point I contend, but isn’t relevant here). Other healers hate us because the meters supposedly say we’re OP, despite the fact that healing meters are fundamentally flawed. Everyone else expects us to be able to save them from anything because we’re so OP; everyone else says so, so it must be true, right?

    I rolled a druid because the first 10 levels of priest were too painful to get through. That’s all. I’m not some FotM re-roller, and yet all I hear from the vast majority of the player base (thankfully not the people I raid with) is how OP my class is, and that nothing I’ve done counts because it’s just the class mechanics carrying me. It wears a guy out.

    All that aside, I’m curious to hear how you’re adapting to the changing times, Lissanna. Sure, I use all the tools I have for tank healing, but Rejuv and WG have been my primary raid healing tools fora while now. From what you’ve said, it sounds like you’re not using Rejuvenation as a raid heal anymore, or at least not as much. What are you using in its place? Single-stack Lifebloom? HoT-less Nourish? Something else? It’s clear that I need to adapt to the times, but I just don’t see where to go from here.

  4. Lissanna says:

    I’m not sure how 3.3 will change my healing done. I’m still in wait & see mode for 3.3’s patch changes.

    Right now, I’m already using more Nourish just for dealing with all the burst damage that rejuv isn’t equipped to handle in ToC 25 & 10-mans.

    I’m not really expecting to see 3.3 before December or January. We have time…

  5. Sydera says:

    Well, I must totally suck, because I don’t own the meters…with or without the T8 4 pc.

    I usually heal tanks. I stick to my targets, I save my mana. In short, I play like I did in BC, and that’s good enough for me.

    I get outhealed by a holy priest all the time. I’m fine with that! Now, that holy priest is really good, so he’d probably outheal pretty much anyone.

    I also get outhealed by the other resto druid because, well, I have to assign him to heal randomly in the raid because he won’t do anything else. By some metrics this makes me a worse healer, but not by mine.

    Liss is right. This is not a zero-sum game, but a team project. I assign my healers to what they’re good at and what they’ll actually do. Period. The rankings on the meters fall where they fall.

  6. Lissanna says:

    You don’t suck Sydera. 😉

  7. kuhbus says:

    druids are weak at burst raid damage. thats a fact especially in ulduar. when possible i try to get assigned to tank heal with my druid. with all hots up on the tank (+ wild growth for extra melee heal) nourish and swiftmend do a geat job.
    and i still work on good timed lifebloom blooms 🙂

  8. Chezza says:

    The change to rejuvenation fixes an error not a bug. A bug is when things happen unexpectedly in a program that’s otherwise syntactically correct. Examples include segmentation faults, reaching an unstable state, etc. This is a programmer’s mistake, not a bug that he couldn’t even know would occur until he tested the program.


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