Conspiracy LFM: Priest, paladin, or shaman healers

If you are a priest, paladin, or shaman raid healer who is looking for a guild, then Conspiracy <alliance on Elune> may have a home for you!

Okay, so my guild has a problem. We lost our shaman & paladin healers both this last week (for work & real-life issues that conflicted with raid time). Our other non-druid healers have disappeared in the last month or so. So, right now, the only geared healers we have are 4 resto druids and 1 priest.

Instead of being able to work on Yogg +3 to get Ang his legendary hammer this week, we’re stuck because we just don’t have the right healing class balance. As awesome as resto druids are, my guild needs more healing diversity. We would really like to raid with at least one of each type of healing class.

So, I figure with my blog’s popularity, I could help my guild out with a little recruitment. Unfortunately, new druids are unlikely to get raiding spots and I’m estimating that 75% to 90% of my blog’s readers are druid mains. We really just need priest, paladin, and/or shaman healer applications.

My guild’s website is:

We are an East Coast server, and raid on Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday nights (from 8pm to 11:30pm EST). Wednesday & Thursday nights are our main 25-man nights. We have been doing 10-mans on Sundays &/or Mondays.

My guild’s officers will also accept applications from non-healing people (yay DPS!), but they’re not likely to accept many druid-main characters ’cause we already raid with 4 to 6 druids on a regular basis (spread between healing, DPS, & tanking). It doesn’t hurt to ask, though, if you are currently looking for a raiding guild. They’ll pretty much always accept skilled people even if slightly under-geared.

We are mainly focused on the ToC 25-man (normal) which we have been clearing consistently. We don’t run Naxx, and have been extending our Ulduar lockout ID the last couple weeks to work on Yogg +3. So, we  really need 1 or 2 people who have seen Ulduar before and have enough gear that they will be able to keep up with ToC 25-man raids, so that they’ll be able to join our core healing team within the next week or two.

We also have a recruitment post up on the Elune forums.

Also, they do grade the haiku part of the application, so remember: 5, 7, 5 syllables. 😉

You should talk to the officers and put up an application before you transfer servers. You can make an alt character on Elune to talk to:  Lauraya, Angsinyl, Atreus, Jindjur, and/or Karark. You can talk to me if you want to, but I’m not an officer. 😉

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13 comments on “Conspiracy LFM: Priest, paladin, or shaman healers
  1. Boize says:

    It saddens me that,
    Because I’m a Horde Druid,
    I will not apply.

  2. Tympanic says:

    Thanks for posting this. You’re awesome!

  3. Dwarffinator says:

    Indeed, thanks for this post.

  4. Dwarffinator says:

    Oh btw you can also talk the junior officers if the higher ups aren’t on. That’s Tympanic, Amairei, Olldgregg, Venedtta, or myself 🙂

  5. Mortiseraph says:

    I’m from Ysera
    do transfers apply now or
    post consultation?

  6. Dwarffinator says:

    You can certainly apply now and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us in-game.

  7. Lissanna says:

    You can make a low level alt on Elune (alliance side) and talk to us before you spend a lot of money transferring a character to a new server.


  8. Maor says:

    I have a shaman. He’s newly 80, is enhancement and has 4 pieces of healing gear. So he’s not that useful to you.

    Good luck finding more healers though. 🙂

  9. Lissanna says:

    If your shaman needs a guild, Maor, You could apply anyway. 😉

    If we have to shift some of our DPS to their healing off-specs, then we’d actually have room for more DPS… in some sort of crazy way.

  10. Maor says:

    I may. My guild just kind of imploded on itself recently though with a bunch of people leaving for a more hard core guild, so there’s not much going when I’m logged in anymore. Kind of considering switching guilds, but I haven’t decided yet. 🙂

  11. Mortiseraph says:

    I made a DK last night and may have a chance to pop in and talk tonight. I do have a healer, but its a resto druid and is just an alt. My main is (unfortunately?) a fury warrior (decent OS prot), but a pretty well geared one so I should be on par with your progression/gear. I’ll not clog up up your comments, and just say that maybe there’s a future on Elune 🙂

    Love your blog Lissanna!

  12. Lissanna says:

    There should be people on later this evening. We might not be raiding tonight, but there should be officers (and probably me!) if you pop on!

    You can also post an App on our guild forums (

  13. Leiandra says:

    My play times are late,
    Your raid times are too early,
    Else I would apply.

    More than anything, I just can’t resist writing haiku’s. I think it’s the math combined with the English… it’s just fun to me. It would be fun to chain heal for you guys, but yeah…. I’m just getting online when you’re about to end. So then who would I heal? lol.


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