Glyph of Rapid Rejuv testing on PTR

Okay, so they FINALLY put the new glyph of rapid rejuv up on the PTR.

With limited testing abilities, here is what I’ve discovered:

A) It’s bugged so that the tooltip of rejuvenation doesn’t reflect the changes in how long it lasts. It would be REALLY great if we knew how long the new duration was going to be when it was glyphed. The Tranquility tooltip already scales with the haste we have (ie. at my same super high level of haste, tranquility ticks every 1.46 seconds for 5.82 seconds)

B) The effect for rejuv does seem to be working on the PTR, anyway, even if I can’t get a very accurate duration number:

No glyph + Nature’s Splendor: rejuv up-time = 18 seconds

Glyph + Nature’s Splendor + Celestial Focus + GotEM + 698 haste rating (no other haste effects) = about 13 second duration

13 seconds /6 ticks = 2.2 seconds between ticks

So, if my estimation is correct, I’m down to just over 2 seconds between ticks instead of 3 seconds between ticks, but that also means I can’t keep it up on nearly as many people as I can at an 18 second duration. I can’t give much more of an accurate count than that without the tooltip working.

If I cast during a nature’s grace proc, I’m dropping the duration even lower, closer to between 10 or 11 seconds, so it has interesting interactions with weaving it between Nourishes in more interesting healing builds.

Am I going to use it? Maybe. I just wanted to get numbers down on “paper” for now. We can talk more about what it means as the weeks go on. This definitely leads me to believe that it’s going to be helpful for 5-man and 10-man healing, but I don’t see it as being required, since it comes with essentially a duration trade-off for the faster healing ticks.

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2 comments on “Glyph of Rapid Rejuv testing on PTR
  1. Erdluf says:

    If you can do some math in your head, look at Regrowth cast time*9 (or *10 and then remove 1/10). Or use HT cast time*6 (but I don’t have HT on my bars).

  2. Aelinna says:

    Maybe I’m a bit confused here but the conversation seems to be around whether the concentrated healing is worth losing the spread. Doesn’t that assume you cast it on the same 12 people, instead of rotating around a group of 18? Spreading a shorter heal around the same number of people makes the healing spikier but not actually any weaker.

    At the same time you get the benefit of a faster ticking hot if you have a restricted number of targets.

    I expect I’ll use this for 25s, Nourish for 10s.


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