Hallow’s End Guild party!

So, Conspiracy on Elune had a guild Hallow’s End party Sunday evening. We decided to skip our normal raid night, and instead we met up in Darkshire for some spooky fun:

We had a Scavenger Hunt! We split up into 2 groups of 6 and then traveled to far parts of Azeroth to find various items based off lines from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We had to find Eye of Newt (mulrloc eye), wings, charms, cauldrons, adder’s tongue, et cetra. We had to interpret what item to get based off the line of Shakespeare’s text and ended up with all sorts of random things that we tried to pass off (sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully).

We also had a costume contest, won by Leyasnu’s Burrow & sombrero outfit.

After that, we split up into smaller groups and ran Headless Horseman to get people a couple more achievements.

It was a lot of fun!  Thanks Lauraya for organizing it!

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5 comments on “Hallow’s End Guild party!
  1. Dwarffinator says:

    Awww shame I couldn’t make it 🙁 I’m pretty sure my murloc costume and sea turtle mount would have been good competition against Leyasnu’s outfit 😛

    Well, there’s always next year…

  2. Triv says:

    I love guild events like this. It really serves to build comradery. I think I’ll keep this in mind for some future posts on guild philosophy and leadership. There is something to be said for the guild that truly “plays” together.

  3. Amairei says:

    That indeed was quite fun, thx for posting the pics!

  4. Leyasnu says:

    This was definitely fun. For my costume, I just grabbed a bunch of stuff out of the bank and started mixing it together to see what looked good. I thought Tymp’s chef outfit was pretty unique.

    Hooray for free gold for hanging on to useless stuff.

  5. Jindjur says:

    Thanks for the pics, Liss. Got a good one of me dancing in my lovely black dress!


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