Nerf snow (off-topic)

So, it decided to start snowing early this year. Not snowing in game, but actually snowing IRL in the middle of October. OMG it’s too early for snow. I had to drive to & from campus Thursday in a mix of slushy snow gunk, but fortunately, not too much stuck to the roads during the warmer part of the day. It’s supposed to keep snowing Thursday night  & Friday, with up to a couple inches accumulating.

I know it doesn’t have anything to do with WoW, but seriously… I think the Lich King is making it snow a month too early… Isn’t everything Blizzard’s fault? The Californian in me still hates snow even after living through a couple winters in the North Eastern US.

Also, I take my comprehensive exam (written portion) in two weeks, so I expect things to be pretty crazy around here for a while.

UPDATE: About 4AM Friday morning (after I wrote the post), our neighborhood lost electricity (power came back around 10:30-ish). When it was light outside this morning, this is what I saw outside my back window:

October Wonderland

And, yes, there are still leaves on a lot of the poor trees out here. There are branches falling all over town (I think it may have been tree branches that took out our house’s power). These ones seem to be hanging on okay, but you can tell there’s  bright red leaves on the tree on the left here. The right tree had yellow & green leaves yesterday that you can’t even really see under the ice & snow. The garden we have on the side of the house used to have a couple flowering plants that went up to my knee, but those got squished & flattened by the snow in ways that I really hadn’t anticipated.


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9 comments on “Nerf snow (off-topic)
  1. Scrysis says:

    Once a Californian, always a Californian. . . .

  2. Ardol says:

    It’s snowing here too. It’s only snowing lightly, but as a winter person, I love it. I’m at 42°38′N latitude, just for comparison.

  3. Mortiseraph says:

    Winter sucks. I feel your pain. I’ve lived in the VA/MD area so it doesnt compare to some of the northern regions but it makes me want to move to southern california just to get away from it 😛

  4. Erdluf says:

    Send me a little.

    I was out running last night, after sunset. It was 90F (32C). Much cooler this morning though: 72F/22C.

  5. Reinu says:

    Snow? Its about time.. I remember about 20ish years ago.. it used to snow even before October came around.
    I miss that.

  6. lyrae says:

    Oh I love snow! Best thing to do about cold and snow is dress the part and love it. Life is so much better that way. 😀 So don that lovely Turtle Fur and hit the parks 😀

  7. Ballerkin says:

    Wow — its like 50 degrees here and I die a little bit each time I leave the office to have a cigarette.

    I wish I had some snow, at least!

    BTW – nice reCaptcha integration with WP.

  8. jpf says:

    What is the world coming to when the NE U.S gets snow before good’ol canada. You can keep it.


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