New PTR Build: Combat res & resto druid changes (and more!)

So, there is a new PTR build for patch 3.3. This post is still subject to change, but I finally got the first round of EJ forum haste GOTEM numbers, so I figure I’ll post this before we’ve got all the rest worked out…

  • Rebirth: The cooldown on this spell has been lowered from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas.

So, all druids can res every 10 minutes in combat now. YAY! You’ll have fewer boss fights where you say “mine’s not up yet!”  Yay fun buff!

  • Resto talent: Gift of the Earthmother: Redesigned. This talent now increases spell haste by 2/4/6/8/10% instead of its previous effect.

Previously, the talent at rank 5 was: Reduces the base global cooldown of your Rejuvenation, Lifebloom and Wild Growth spells by 20%.
So, it looks like a 10% loss to HOTs, but it is really closer to a 15% haste loss, because the old bonus used to reduce the BASE global cooldown instead of being a straight haste bonus like the new version is. What this change means is that the amount of haste that you’ll need for HOTs to hit the 1 second GCD is going up by a lot. I haven’t done (or seen) the math yet, but this is definitely one of their attempts to make us want to wear more haste gear.  I’m not really all that shocked, since the talent really put a low limit on the amount of haste we wanted with full raid buffs. This puts the EJ forum calculations at needing between 856 haste rating (no Celestial Focus, no Nature’s Grace, + full raid buffs) to 1193 haste rating (No CF, no NG, no buffs). This is up from 359 and 665 (respectively). OUCH. However, Regrowth & Nourishes will be super fast at this high haste level…

I would be happier trading in the new version for getting 15% for HOTs and 5% for direct healing spells, honestly. You’re going to have really bad Nourish GCD clipping issues (like how moonkin have wrath GCD clipping issues) if you tank heal & use Nourish a lot between HOT refreshes with 800 haste rating….

  • Glyph of rapid rejuvenation – Your haste now reduces the time between the periodic healing ticks of your Rejuvenation spell.

This is not available on glyph vendor yet as of 7pm EST on Tuesday.

New Tier 10 Idols for all druid specs:

  • Item – Druid Relic – The periodic damage from your Lacerate and Rake abilities grants 44 Agility for 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Item – Druid Balance Relic  – The periodic damage from your Insect Swarm and Moonfire spells grants 44 critical strike rating for 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Item – Druid T10 Restoration Relic (Rejuvenation) – The periodic healing from your Rejuvenation spell grants 32 spell power for 15 sec. Stacks up to 8 times.

My response to the rejuvenation one is… why bother? The tier 9 glyph gives 234 for 9 seconds, but refreshes often enough (even with just 1 rejuv) that it’s pretty much always up. The new one stacks up to 8 times, for a total of: 32×8 = 256 healing. This is a whole 22 healing difference. So, if you spam rejuv on everyone in the raid, you’ll benefit from the 8x stacking one. If you don’t blanket the raid with rejuvs, just keep the old one…

For the Moonkin glyph, the old one is 200 crit rating. The new one is 220 crit rating. So, not a very big difference, but with benefitting from both moonfire AND insect swarm ticks, you may get your stacks pretty fast. So, it’s pretty much a toss-up to me.

Other fun non-druid patch notes:

  • Any party member may mark raid targets.
  • Mr. Chilly is no longer named Oswald, and got his old name back.

Please don’t abuse the raid marking feature. It is not a toy. Also… YAY for MR. Chilly!!!! They probably had to change the name back since they won’t have time to patch in the name change before they release the pet to people later this week.

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8 comments on “New PTR Build: Combat res & resto druid changes (and more!)
  1. Keeva says:

    T10 idol: waste of badges! I’m with you – why bother relying on having Rejuv up multiple people, for extra 20 spellpower, when I can have it up on one person and keep 100% uptime?

    And you KNOW that raid marking thing is going to be abused. 😛

  2. Verdus says:

    Oh look, another buff to Nourish at the expense of our most useful and powerful spells. This is really getting to be like a running joke, except not funny at all. /sigh

  3. Keeva says:

    Holy large trackback Batman. Sorry :/

  4. Naithin says:

    Interesting. Given my current role as primarily a raid healer, I’m not really very excited about the incoming changes to GotEM.

    If I was still doing mostly 10mans where I did both tank and raid heals, that’d be a slightly different matter.

    But as it is.. *sigh*

    Also agreed on the current numbers for the Rejuv idol, but I have also heard word – like third hand, no, I don’t know where the original quote is from 😛 – that these numbers are by no means final and will probably be tinkered with.

    So it may yet be a case of ‘watch this space’ re the T10 rejuv trinket. If it remains how it is though, I don’t think I’ll be shifting away from the T9 one either.

  5. Trazer says:

    Oh my …
    You mind if I borrow this: “Please don’t abuse the raid marking feature.” to make a macro straight away …

  6. Kae says:

    “You’re going to have really bad Nourish GCD clipping issues…with 800 haste rating”

    To clarify, at 800 haste rating, Nourish will clip only when NG procs or you get a bloodlust. At 856 rating, you’ll then have 1-second nourishes with full raid buffs (WoA totem and improved aura); any haste after that will cause your NGs to be faster than your GCD, assuming you have both of those auras (which may not happen among ten-man raids), nevermind Bloodlust or NG procs.

    I posted up full charts of haste rating and buffs and cast times here. 🙂

  7. Lissanna says:

    Kae, Nourish GCD clipping really only applies when you are casting the spell multiple times in a row (like how moonkin gave GCD clipping issues with wrath when they spam it). In that case, with the pretty high crit rate nourish has, the effect of Nature’s Grace becomes problematic. In a spamming situation, a lot of the time you will be under the effects of Nature’s Grace. I just ran out of space to talk about that in this post because I was trying to cover too many things.

    I’m almost at the point where I think Nature’s Grace should be scrapped in Cataclysm just so it will stop screwing up haste rating scaling for the class (especially for moonkin)… An inconsistent haste bonus drives me crazy these days.

  8. tyra says:


    Please dear god, no.

    *has flash back to pre-BC where we called a raid beacuse people couldn’t stop minimap pinging”

    Nevermind in Pugs…..

    Brb, i need an aspirin >.>



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