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Pumpkin Patch – having some fun with halloween

So, during our 5-minute break in ToC 25-man, a handful of my guild members got out their pumpkins, and were playing with the other Halloween costumes and such. Once they were done, it looked like a pumpkin patch in ToC!


So, how is your Hallow’s End festivities going? I got the meta-achievement last year for this holiday (it was the first holiday from last year that we could do the achievements for). So, I haven’t had that much to do for the holiday. It’s nice just to be able to pick and choose which things I want to do (like stopping by an inn keeper to Trick or Treat), without having to work towards the big achievements. I’ve taken a couple trips to see the Headless Horseman in SM, in hopes of maybe getting some fun stuff from him. I can’t use the ilevel 200 gear that he drops, but he has other stuff (like the brooms) that are fun to play around with.

How is your Hallow’s End achievement hunting going, or did you finish it last year, too?

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Maintenance day: New druid blogs!

Okay, so it’s that time again where I highlight new druid blogs so you can have reading material for your Tuesday lunch break, or wait at home for the servers to come back up! It seems like a new druid starts blogging every day, which I think is wonderful. I find them mostly from the introductions on the Blog Azeroth page, so if you are a blogger (even non-druid blogs about WoW) and haven’t introduced yourself there, go ahead and join that fun community!

Saresa of Destructive Reach started a new druid blog! This new druid blog is called: Tree of Doom. While Saresa has been blogging since long before I have, I still wanted to bring attention to this new leaf she’s turning over.

Next up is a new Moonkin blog! Sunfyre’s Nest over at! Sunfyre already has a handful of guides devoted to: leveling & end-game moonkin. It’s only a couple months old, but it’s really shaping up to be a pretty good resource!

Divine Aegis is a blog that is geared more towards priest & paladin healing, but more recently added a druid to their ranks. Oestrus’ first post this week was about lifebloom.

One more I wanted to highlight is Cardboard Druid. This blog is a mostly resto blog, where there are guides for PvE raiding along with videos of some of their guild’s boss kills (most of the videos are from Ulduar, but there’s other stuff from ToC).

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Leveling & making it interesting? One player’s approach

So, Antien, a paladin on the Elune server, finally hit level 80! He’s someone I know in Real Life that just recently started playing the game. He took 18 days of /played time to level his paladin up to 80, and has only been playing WoW over the last couple months.  It’s not a super fast amount of time, but he did one thing that I found particularly impressive.

Since Antien was a brand new player of the game, he wanted to see all the lower level 5-man dungeon content, but didn’t have many people to play with him at his level, so he went into the dungeons by himself on his lowbie paladin and solo’d the instances.

These levels are all approximate, and I’m pretty sure he’s disturbed that I actually recorded this all and kept it, but I thought it was a really great achievement that wasn’t captured by the achievement system so much. I wanted to be able to bring attention to what Antien was doing… He usually outleveled the instances by a bit, but he thought it was fun to go back through it. It usually took him a pretty long time to get through it by himself…

  • Deadmines solo’d at level 30
  • BFD = 40
  • RFD = 45
  • RFK = 46
  • Scarlet Monestary = 47
  • Uldaman = 49
  • Ragefire Chasm = 51
  • Zul Farak = 53
  • Mara = 62
  • BRD = 63

Antien also got the Ambasador title at level 58! After about 60, he decided to focus on getting through Outlands and Northrend faster, so he stopped playing around solo in the instance.sSo, he finally got to 80 over this weekend. Congrats!

Do you guys have any interesting stories of what you did to make leveling more fun?

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Another update: Rejuv 15 sec again

We have yet another PTR build to play with over the weekend.

So, rejuvenation’s duration will now (once again) be 15 seconds for 3.3 (18 with talents), instead of the duration nerf that was going to previously drop it to 12 seconds (15 with talents). So, the previous duration nerf was reverted & all the lower ranks got buffed! Remember that they can always change their mind in later content patches…

The glyph of rapid rejuvenation (haste scaling HOT) is also now showing up in the official patch notes. The realms are still down, so I don’t have access to see if it’s on the glyph vendor yet on the PTR. (still not on vendor)

Also, there’s a very exciting reputation change for a bunch of factions: You will gain reputation from a handful of Northrend factions a lot faster (including Sons of Hodir). Also, for everyone with alts, ALL of the faction helm and shoulder enchants are now Bind On Account in 3.3. This means that your main that is exalted with Sons of Hodir can buy the enchant for all the alts you didn’t grind the faction rep for.  Wooo!

It looks like they also want us to be able to transfer bind on account items across the horde/alliance factions on a server.

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