Monthly Archives: October 2009

Pumpkin Patch – having some fun with halloween

So, during our 5-minute break in ToC 25-man, a handful of my guild members got out their pumpkins, and were playing with the other Halloween costumes and such. Once they were done, it looked like a pumpkin patch in ToC! So, how is your Hallow’s End festivities going? I got the meta-achievement last year for […]

Maintenance day: New druid blogs!

Okay, so it’s that time again where I highlight new druid blogs so you can have reading material for your Tuesday lunch break, or wait at home for the servers to come back up! It seems like a new druid starts blogging every day, which I think is wonderful. I find them mostly from the […]

Leveling & making it interesting? One player’s approach

So, Antien, a paladin on the Elune server, finally hit level 80! He’s someone I know in Real Life that just recently started playing the game. He took 18 days of /played time to level his paladin up to 80, and has only been playing WoW over the last couple months.  It’s not a super […]

Another update: Rejuv 15 sec again

We have yet another PTR build to play with over the weekend. So, rejuvenation’s duration will now (once again) be 15 seconds for 3.3 (18 with talents), instead of the duration nerf that was going to previously drop it to 12 seconds (15 with talents). So, the previous duration nerf was reverted & all the […]