Monthly Archives: October 2009

Nerf snow (off-topic)

So, it decided to start snowing early this year. Not snowing in game, but actually snowing IRL in the middle of October. OMG it’s too early for snow. I had to drive to & from campus Thursday in a mix of slushy snow gunk, but fortunately, not too much stuck to the roads during the […]

More on Rejuv: GC’s forum feedback analyzed

Okay, so I know Ghostcrawler doesn’t like us combing over his every word, but I think his latest post relates to some of the frustration I’ve been expressing over the 3.3 rejuvenation changes. Here’s a link to his forum post. Lets take his first post and see what he said about the rejuvenation changes in […] accounts: Understanding the switch

Okay, so within the next month, all WoW players have to switch to accounts. I just want to clear up some misconceptions. Their FAQ can be found here. Why do I have to use a account to log into WoW? The account is basically just giving you a new login & […]