Monthly Archives: October 2009

Does hasted HOTs favor smaller group sizes?

With the possibility of rejuvenation becoming a HOT that will scale with haste, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what it means for resto druid healing. Also, it’s possible that all HOTs & DOTs could scale with haste at some point in the future, so I want to take a “bigger picture” look […]

Patch 3.3 – prowl & penguins!

Some of this is a little outdated, but I wanted to cover it now, anway. In part of WoW moving away for having ranks of various spells, they changed prowl (and rogue stealth) to only be one rank. Prowl will now only have to be trained once, and this will have a 30% speed decrease, […]

What is wrong with resto druid healing design for 3.3

WARNING: Incoming frustrated rant. You have been warned. The WotLK design has been to have high amounts of raid damage going on, while still having a fair amount of tank damage at the same time. This design means that having the ability to heal multiple people at the same time is good. The druid AOE […]

I have 9 Eyes! Tier 10 gear & set bonuses for all Druids (Updated)

A lot of stuff happened yesterday, with new patch notes, new Tier 10 info, and a lot of other posts & goodies that need to be covered. I’m going to spread out my analysis of the news over a couple days instead of making one big massive post (because this post is big & massive […]