Pumpkin Patch – having some fun with halloween

So, during our 5-minute break in ToC 25-man, a handful of my guild members got out their pumpkins, and were playing with the other Halloween costumes and such. Once they were done, it looked like a pumpkin patch in ToC!


So, how is your Hallow’s End festivities going? I got the meta-achievement last year for this holiday (it was the first holiday from last year that we could do the achievements for). So, I haven’t had that much to do for the holiday. It’s nice just to be able to pick and choose which things I want to do (like stopping by an inn keeper to Trick or Treat), without having to work towards the big achievements. I’ve taken a couple trips to see the Headless Horseman in SM, in hopes of maybe getting some fun stuff from him. I can’t use the ilevel 200 gear that he drops, but he has other stuff (like the brooms) that are fun to play around with.

How is your Hallow’s End achievement hunting going, or did you finish it last year, too?

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5 comments on “Pumpkin Patch – having some fun with halloween
  1. Bahgeera says:

    AAHH!! So cool! The other day, before we attempted ToGC and were still putting the group together. Our guys just started throwing costumes on everyone, and pumpkins galore along with a ton of vanity pets. Funny how that happens. Here’s a link to a forum post on our guild site i made commenting on it. =]


  2. Ardol says:

    I just need the hallowed helm and the title will be mine. I’m also hoping for the mount, but I got the brewfest kodo, so I don’t want to be greedy.

  3. Railena says:

    That helm is very elusive, it’s all I need as well to get the title… *shakes fist*

    This holiday is actually my favorite of them all to do. My main was only in her thirties last year when the achievement system went live so she didn’t get to do much of the achievements. This year she is going full blown on as many as I have the spare time for. Too bad the brooms can only be used during the holiday and are not learned like the other pets. I have a feeling it will be deleted from many bags to free space 😛

  4. jornk says:

    I just got my title last night. I’ll most likely still trick or treat and kill the HH daily for a chance at the mount.

  5. Poras says:

    haha, awesome. i have my purple proto-drake already, but i’ve been running the HH event every day for my guild leader, as all he needs for his purple drake is the squashling… he would have had his purple drake at brewfest like myself, but he couldn’t get the pet last year either =


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