The End of Hallows

So, it’s Halloween today and the last day of the Hallow’s End holiday.

Did you get everything you were hoping for? Or, did you get beaten by the bad luck monster?

I finished the meta-achievement on my druid a long time back, but I didn’t finish everything on my shaman. I did, however, find looting candy buckets as a very effective way to work on leveling up my shaman alt a bit when I had time…


We have the day of the dead holiday coming up on Sunday. Moonglade already covered the basics on the 2-day holiday.

I’m still recovering & playing catchup now that my comprehensive exams are over.

Happy Halloween & Day of the dead!

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2 comments on “The End of Hallows
  1. Boize says:

    Luckily I was able to finish up my final two Hallow’s End achievements on Boize early.

    Getting them on my DK, Yogg, was a hassle though – I only got the final achievement (w/ a Hallowed Helm drop) on the last kill of the HH on the last day. Phew!

  2. Ardol says:

    I got the meta, starting from scratch, which was all I really wanted. I wanted the mount at first, but having won the Brewfest Kodo and not used it since, I realize that given the choice of a rare mount and a mount that I actually think looks cool, I’ll take the mount I like. That’s why I gave up the kodo in favor of my nightstrider, and that’s why I would eventually give up the reins in favor of my onyx netherdrake (and eventually the violet proto-drake; after the Lunar Festival, it shall be mine!)


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