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Ding! My shaman is 80!

My shaman, Lissiel on Elune, finally hit 80! My goal over Thanksgiving break was to hit 80 on my shaman, and I met that goal!

I have an enhancement spec & a resto spec. I’m working on getting them geared up, and such. I’ll be doing some more shaman research soon and I’ll probably do a shaman-related post or two over the next few weeks as I work on gearing up that character some more on non-raid days.


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Healing guide 3.3: Talent Spec Preview

Okay, so I’ve gotten a good start on compiling responses from the healing survey. I’m planning to collect data through Monday (when people come back from their holiday).

As a preview (and to get some feeback from all of you), I wanted to post the possible talent specs first. I kept two of my original builds as my “no CF” builds, and then added what I think works out to be the best “with CF” build. I’m sure that people will disagree with my talent choices, since I figure there are 2 or 3 “flex” talent choices in the “with CF” build that are going to get shifted around to fit what people want out of their build the most.


4. Recommended talent specs
There is some degree of flexibility in what specs people think are “best.” These are updated with the changes to resto druids in mind.

The 3.3 talent change to Gift of the Earth Mother changes the amount of haste we need. While we used to be able to gear for about 400 haste or so, the amount of haste we need to hit the “soft cap” has more than doubled. Information about the 3.3 changes can be found here.

If you are near the 850 haste soft-cap (with access to Wrath of Air & moonkin/swift ret auras), you can go with one of two builds, with either 14 or 11 points in the balance tree:


Has 2 points in replenish. Has Nature’s Grace, but not Celestial focus. Nature’s Grace is useful if you cast Nourish or regrowth a lot and/or use the new glyph of rapid rejuvenation.


Drops Nature’s Grace in favor of maxing out revitalize & putting more points in Tranquil Spirit. May be better for people who don’t benefit as much from Nature’s Grace procs.

If you are at or below 735 haste (or don’t have access to one of the raid buffs), you should consider picking up Celestial Focus. You will end up with something like:


Drops Living seed in favor of Celestial focus. You may need to shift around a couple points in some of the resto talents to get something that really works well for you. I’d be happy to hear what your 18/0/53 build looks like, since this was relatively uncommon before patch 3.3.

UPDATE: here are two more 18/0/53 specs. Thank you @Vivitec for sending me spec links on twitter!

The current two most popular 18/0/53 specs are skipping empowered touch in favor of either full Living Seed or revitalize.

Here’s the revitalize 18/0/53 spec.

Here is the Living seed 18/0/53 spec.

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Preparing for 3.3: Druid Healer survey!

Hey everyone! I’m going to work on my 3.3 healing guide. However, before I do that – I want to get some input from all of you! I’m looking for people who are already level 80 who heal in PvE (either 5-mans or raids).

So, I created a short healer survey designed so that I can compile a little bit of data before I finalize my decisions about what my new healing guide will look like.

I want to keep all the survey responses in one place, so to take my survey, please visit the druid forum post by clicking here!

What I’m looking for is to see how much variability there is in the forum & blog readers likely to read my leveling guide – as well as figuring out what healing styles I should focus on when I write the new guide (ie. if no one answers “tank heal” in my survey, then I should shorten my section on tank healing and focus more on other playstyles).

I’m going to collect info over the next couple days, and then I’ll compile it all and use it to help me revamp my healing guide. I’m not expecting the 3.3 patch to hit before December 8th (though I’ll have something prepared for the 1st if they decide to release it early).

So, go fill out my druid healing forum survey!

Note: I forgot that EU players can’t post on the US forums. If you don’t have access to the US forums, you can post your responses here, that’s ok.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a great Turkeykin day! I finished the meta-achievement for Pilgrim’s Bounty on my druid. I’m close to having it done on my shaman. I also got my shaman’s cooking skill up from 50 to over 300.

Turning rogues into turkeys was a difficult part of the achievement, so some volunteers on my server made low level rogues (daynight & turkeymebaby among others) and put them in Dalaran so that we’d put the costume on them instead of harassing the other rogues.

Happy Thanksgiving!

OH – and because the Control Alt Delete comic is just so perfect for today:



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