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Ding! My shaman is 80!

My shaman, Lissiel on Elune, finally hit 80! My goal over Thanksgiving break was to hit 80 on my shaman, and I met that goal! I have an enhancement spec & a resto spec. I’m working on getting them geared up, and such. I’ll be doing some more shaman research soon and I’ll probably do […]

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Healing guide 3.3: Talent Spec Preview

Okay, so I’ve gotten a good start on compiling responses from the healing survey. I’m planning to collect data through Monday (when people come back from their holiday). As a preview (and to get some feeback from all of you), I wanted to post the possible talent specs first. I kept two of my original […]

Preparing for 3.3: Druid Healer survey!

Hey everyone! I’m going to work on my 3.3 healing guide. However, before I do that – I want to get some input from all of you! I’m looking for people who are already level 80 who heal in PvE (either 5-mans or raids). So, I created a short healer survey designed so that I […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a great Turkeykin day! I finished the meta-achievement for Pilgrim’s Bounty on my druid. I’m close to having it done on my shaman. I also got my shaman’s cooking skill up from 50 to over 300. Turning rogues into turkeys was a difficult part of the achievement, so some volunteers […]