Azeroth United HHV charity drive for child’s play update

Okay, so after only a few short days, Azeroth United has earned over a thousand dollars for child’s play! The HHV charity drive for child’s play kicked off on November 1st, and runs through December 13th.

Why should you donate? Well, all the money for child’s play goes to making sick children’s lives better, by giving them toys and video games. Supporting Child’s Play is a great way to show how video games can be a positive thing for kids, and how video gamers are a really great community of people.

To kick off the Azeroth United event, they recorded an interview with Kristin Lindsay of Child’s Play! If you missed the live taping of the interview, you can access it by following this link to get the recording of their podcast: Hearts, Hands and Voices Kickoff Podcast


How can you contribute to child’s play? It’s as easy as going to the Azeroth United and clicking on “chip in”!

Transactions are handled through paypal, but it doesn’t look like you have to have a paypal account to give money.

If you donate as little as $10 or $20, you are entered into contests to have the chance to win prizes!  What kind of prizes? Well, anything from gift certificates to your favorite WOW retailers (Jinx, Swagdog), game time cards, a Warcraft Stein, and other priceless treasures. Head over to the Azeroth United page to see the whole list of prizes that you will have a chance to win if you give your hearts & hands to Child’s Play!

Don’t have money of your own to give? There are other ways you can contribute, too, like firing up a twitter account and helping us blame syrana to increase the size of their donations to child’s play. See more info about the #iblamesyrana twitter drive in my post where I wrote about it last week. Also, after you start your new twitter account, you can follow ME on twitter: @Restokin. So far, we’re at about 300 #iblamesyrana tweets, and we need to get a couple hundred more to hit the goal of 1,000 tweets – so, everyone is already off to a great start (and @Syrana is being a good sport about it all)!

Special announcement:

Also, Swagdog gave out 25% discount codes for buying things from their site. If you donate to child’s play and then e-mail me at: [email protected] , I will reply to everyone who e-mails me with a special thank you note & the discount codes for Swagdog (if you donated last week, you can still e-mail me!). Also, if you are a blogger and give me the name of your blog site when you e-mail me, I’ll randomly pick up to 3 blogs each week until December 13th to feature on special posts of Restokin!

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