BBB’s raid for the cure

Okay, so I’ve been following Big Bear Butt blogger’s recent posts about their raid for the cure.

There is something that I know all my moonkin readers will love. There are now pictures up on his site of the Pink Moonkin Plushie! This prize is something YOU can win for donating to one of the cancer-related charities listed on their site. Instructions on how to donate & enter into their raffle is posted up on BBB’s blog. Please go there, donate, and enter their raffle if you want a chance to win a one of a kind Pink Moonkin plushie! There are other prizes available from that raffle, as well, if you aren’t into pink plushy moonkins.

Saturday, November 14th is their race in Azeroth (kael’thas US server). I’m planning to be there with Lissana (only one N), a low level NE druid that I created on their server today.

Also, I will extend my Child’s Play Charity offer to this cause as well. If you donate to either of these causes, and send me an e-mail with your character’s name & realm, along with the name of your blog (if you have one) indicating that you donated to either the AU Child’s Play charity drive OR the BBB raid for the cure drive (or maybe even both!), I will reply with a thank you letter, the code for 25% off Swagdog shirts, and you can have a chance to get your blog featured on an upcoming restokin post. Once again, my e-mail is: [email protected]

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