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Okay, so I started working on a couple big blog post projects. Some of these are going to take a long time to work out, so I wanted to give you an early weekend preview while I spend more time working on them. Here are my short-term blog writing goals over the next couple of weeks:

  • What spells moonkin need for level 85 PvP and PvE. I started collecting feedback on this problem a while back, and now I’m finally (almost) ready to present my final analysis of what new spells moonkin need, why, and how to make both PvP and PvE playstyles better (more different!). My feedback posts usually neglect PvP, so I’m making a big emphasis here in my pre-cataclysm feedback project.
  • Improving feral leveling from 1 to 30. Since I spend a lot of time listening to low level druids cry about how bad 10 to 20 is. We also know that they finally care about the leveling process of the classes, and that they may be willing in Cataclysm to tweak the early levels to be better. So, I’m working on coming up with ideas of a couple of changes to the timing of when we get our feral abilities, so that we can have more buttons to push between 10 and 30. I spent a couple hours working on it already, but it’s not done yet!
  • Leveling guide revamp for 3.3! I need to be prepared by the end of Thanksgiving break for patch 3.3 to hit. It takes a couple hours (per guide!) to go back through everything and keep things up to date. I’ll be reviewing the talent recommendations, PvP recommendations, and other things – to make sure that it’s all up to date. I didn’t do a full revamp for 3.2 because of my schedule, so I know a handful of things are already out of date here.
  • Resto healing guide revamp for 3.3! With the changes to resto druids in 3.3 (along with gradual shifts in people’s playstyles over time), I’m going to need to spend a couple hours working over all the talent specs, spell rotations, gear descriptions, and all the fun stuff that changes every patch. I think I can do most of the work before the patch hits.
  • I have to make blog-friendly AND forum-friendly versions of BOTH guides, which is actually a really huge undertaking, so that’s what I get to spend my week-long Thanksgiving break doing. I won’t release the new guide versions until 3.3 hits (yay for patch day guide updating!). However, I could post previews for feedback as things develop.

In addition to all these planned things, I may also find other stuff to write about. I’ll probably be working on things like leveling my shaman (level 77 now) & getting the pilgrim bounty achievements for my druid.

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3 comments on “Coming soon to a restokin blog near you!
  1. LXj says:

    > Improving feral leveling from 1 to 30.

    Problem: bear’s damage is too low.


    a) level as balance up to 20. This is pretty much viable even now, but in 3.3 they will change low-level mana-regen and mana costs, so you will not go oom too much
    b) give access to glyphs at level 10. Glyph of Maul solves the low damage problem if you can pull 2 mobs at a time (which also solves rage starvation problem). The problem is if you pull a 3rd mob, you die. Roots can help here though
    c) give access to cat form at level 10 — the most simple and logical solution, but the less likely I guess
    d) go tank instances!

    As for giving more buttons — the problem is, druids have enough different abilities, but they are split between forms, and you don’t change forms a lot. Sure, they can give more abilities to each form, but that would mean that druids have too many abilities overall.

    > I have to make blog-friendly AND forum-friendly versions of BOTH guides

    So, in 2 words, you need a HTML to BBCODE conversion tool 🙂

  2. Lissanna says:

    The links are the part that are hard. For the blog, I can actually embed the links (and it’s messy to have the full URL typed out), for the forums – I can’t do that, and I have to leave them all typed out.

    So, I actually make the forum-friendly one in a .txt document, and then copy/paste it into the blog and then fix all the links.

  3. Ameer says:

    I frkshly hope there is something in there that will make us shape-shift through stuns. You have no idea how many times iv been stun-locked and panicky pressed bear form, only to be stuck in caster form. ; ;

    But i always hoped that if a boomkin dipped in to feral tree, he’ll be more pvp, and dipped in to resto more pve. meh…lol


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