Ding! My shaman is 80!

My shaman, Lissiel on Elune, finally hit 80! My goal over Thanksgiving break was to hit 80 on my shaman, and I met that goal!

I have an enhancement spec & a resto spec. I’m working on getting them geared up, and such. I’ll be doing some more shaman research soon and I’ll probably do a shaman-related post or two over the next few weeks as I work on gearing up that character some more on non-raid days.


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11 comments on “Ding! My shaman is 80!
  1. Maaya says:


    How do you survive with just three action bars? And with tradeskills on them, too! I use up all the five bars Blizzard gives us and then have to put tradeskills and things like resurrection onto a sixth hidden bar.

  2. Lissanna says:

    I don’t have all my skills on my bars…

    I have a bar mod that isn’t set up on that character because I haven’t been really actively playing it. I took a whole year to level up my poor shammy.

  3. Fangtastic says:


    80 with two netherweave bags? I salute you. 🙂

  4. Nayethor says:

    Gratz on 80! I love your druid posts and I’ve been waiting for some more shaman things. On an unrelated note what’s the best heirloom weapon for leveling moonkin?

  5. Lissanna says:

    For as much as I run out of bag space, I’m horrible about getting bigger bags for my characters!

  6. Swiftmend says:

    Gratz 🙂

    I have a lvl 78 alt shaman my self, her name is Staticbolt and is close too 79, should be anable too ding aswell in a vew days.
    I’m also duel specced enhancement & resto.

    You sad you might gonna make some shaman-related posts.
    Are you planning on making guides for shamans now that you have a lvl 80 one? 😉

  7. Tyra says:


    Very creepy. I’m working on my own enh/resto shammy, as well. And i had hoped to get her to 80 over thanksgiving as well! (missed it by a level… damn you 9hr train rides…).

    Very nice timing, to say the least 😉

  8. Potluck says:

    Grats on hitting 80. I’m also leveling a shaman alongside a friend’s rogue. I’m also dual specced resto/enh. I find having the BOA items for both specs to be invaluable for getting that exp boost to clear through leveling content that I’ve already seen no less than 8 times already.

    It’s quite interesting to heal in the different mindsets that I’ve already experienced: Holy/Disc Priest, Paladin and Druid. Shaman has an interesting dynamics, totems not withstanding.

    I wish you all the very best and am eager to read up on your own experiences.

  9. Congratulations on hitting 80! My alt Shammy is 80 too, and gearing up! Although I still prefer being a druid 🙂

  10. aramis says:


    I just got my Priest to 80 too! Looks like dinging alts to 80 is just going around like a cold! 😛

    I’m an awesome resto druid healer…but I FAIL big time as a priest because I leveled shadow the entire way…I really didn’t mean to level this guy so far, but playing a shadow priest was just so much fun. It’s really too bad they just don’t do as much dps as, say, a lock or a mage…but I love my DOTs….

    Now this foo’ just needs more gear…looks like it’s a Naxx Redux! 😛


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