Healing guide 3.3: Talent Spec Preview

Okay, so I’ve gotten a good start on compiling responses from the healing survey. I’m planning to collect data through Monday (when people come back from their holiday).

As a preview (and to get some feeback from all of you), I wanted to post the possible talent specs first. I kept two of my original builds as my “no CF” builds, and then added what I think works out to be the best “with CF” build. I’m sure that people will disagree with my talent choices, since I figure there are 2 or 3 “flex” talent choices in the “with CF” build that are going to get shifted around to fit what people want out of their build the most.


4. Recommended talent specs
There is some degree of flexibility in what specs people think are “best.” These are updated with the changes to resto druids in mind.

The 3.3 talent change to Gift of the Earth Mother changes the amount of haste we need. While we used to be able to gear for about 400 haste or so, the amount of haste we need to hit the “soft cap” has more than doubled. Information about the 3.3 changes can be found here.

If you are near the 850 haste soft-cap (with access to Wrath of Air & moonkin/swift ret auras), you can go with one of two builds, with either 14 or 11 points in the balance tree:

14/0/57: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#0VG0uZZf0fuduxiuVGsVo

Has 2 points in replenish. Has Nature’s Grace, but not Celestial focus. Nature’s Grace is useful if you cast Nourish or regrowth a lot and/or use the new glyph of rapid rejuvenation.

11/0/60: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#0VG0zZZf0IuruxiuVIsVo

Drops Nature’s Grace in favor of maxing out revitalize & putting more points in Tranquil Spirit. May be better for people who don’t benefit as much from Nature’s Grace procs.

If you are at or below 735 haste (or don’t have access to one of the raid buffs), you should consider picking up Celestial Focus. You will end up with something like:

18/0/53: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#0VGzu0hZZf0IubuxiuVzsVo

Drops Living seed in favor of Celestial focus. You may need to shift around a couple points in some of the resto talents to get something that really works well for you. I’d be happy to hear what your 18/0/53 build looks like, since this was relatively uncommon before patch 3.3.

UPDATE: here are two more 18/0/53 specs. Thank you @Vivitec for sending me spec links on twitter!

The current two most popular 18/0/53 specs are skipping empowered touch in favor of either full Living Seed or revitalize.

Here’s the revitalize 18/0/53 spec.

Here is the Living seed 18/0/53 spec.

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7 comments on “Healing guide 3.3: Talent Spec Preview
  1. Hamlet says:

    “Nature’s Grace is useful if you cast Nourish a lot”

    Nature’s Grace won’t do anything for Nourish if you’re at haste cap. I won’t reiterate my big post on 3.3 talents from a few days ago, but you’ll typically be taking Nature’s Grace to support Regrowth as a secondary heal.

    I also would generally not encourage taking less than 3/3 Revitalize.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Nature’s Grace makes the Rapid Rejuvenation ticks faster. If you mix your regrowth/nourishes with rapid rejuvs, you get super speedy rejuvs. Also, I’m expecting that a LOT of people won’t be at the new haste cap once 3.3 comes out in the first place.

    Also, some people like dropping below the 1 second GCD with nourishes, especially since you don’t tend to spam a bunch of nourishes in a row – you tend to mix nourishes between other spells. So, you may proc NG with nourish & then use it to cast a faster regrowth.

    There’s no build I can work out that has all the talents I would like to have. So, all the builds compromise somewhere. There is no single one best build to use in 3.3, because all of them are leaving out something important. So, mostly all 3 builds leave me somewhat unhappy.

  3. Upyursh says:

    These are the specs I’m gonna try out first.

    Spec 1
    I think this will be my raid healing type spec. I have dropped Natures Grace and put it into Revitalize just for the mana/rage return etc.

    Spec 2
    Tank heals. Pretty much as my spec is now.

  4. kuhbus says:

    anyway the new talents are frustrating an a clear nerf to druid healing!
    esp. with the no haste tier items …

  5. Bovismaximus says:

    Personally, it feels like CF is veru under budgeted for Resto druids. It’s basically 4 points for 3% haste (since 1 point in brambles is all but useless). I honestly think that empowered touch or living seed are a much better use of these points. Even when I raid heal, Nourish still accounts for a sizable chunk of my healing done. I will certainly gear for haste, but I am not going to kill myself and sacrifice other important talents trying to obtain a 1 sec GCD.

  6. Swiftmend says:

    Tank Healing build:

    I was firstly thinking of going 1/3 CF, because I didn’t want too lose any more points in the resto tree.

    Now I’m concidering dropping 2 points of living spirit, wich in my case make me lose around 80 spirit (according too EJ Itemization: 15,52 spellpower in tree form and 29,92 mp5)

    I don’t mind the 15 SP, and the 30mp5 I can lose the regen in my current gear.
    Besides I’m using the SP flasks because I enough mana regen from gear, so can always switch too MP5 flasks when I really need the regen.

    This is the build I’m thinking of:


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