If WoW is “just right,” why am I bored?

Okay, so I got frustrated at poor leafshine’s post today. Why? Well, I’m really just not sure.

Honestly, for as much as I like WoW, right now I am absolutely bored out of my mind with the game. It’s not that it’s too easy, but that there isn’t enough content that is catering to people (like me) who enjoy raiding but don’t like the current hard mode raid design. “Lawl they designed hard modes for you” doesn’t hold up as an argument in my case – because my guild can’t clear hardmodes because (as a group) our guild isn’t willing to put in the time & effort required to clear them. At the same time, we can steamroll through the current non-hard mode content & we don’t run Ulduar anymore because not enough people are interested in it.

I’m frustrated because raiding is what I do. It’s what used to make the game fun for me. Ever since I first stepped foot in Molten Core, I became a raider. I hate PvP, I’m bored out of my mind with running the same dungeons I ran in Beta of WotLK just because Blizzard calls them “heroic” and put in the badges I need to buy my tier 9 (and soon tier 10) gear. I’m bored with the dailies for Sons of Hodir, and for the Argent Tournament. I’m bored with questing. I’m bored with leveling. I’m bored with normal-mode raids. I’m frustrated that I can’t do hard-mode raids because the hard-mode raids aren’t interesting or fun for my guild.

I don’t want the hard-mode content to be easier, because that’s not fair to the people more hard-core than me who are currently enjoying the hard modes at their current difficulty. So, I’m stuck being trapped in the middle – where people tell me I’m too hard core because I’m bored – but I’m not hard-core enough to actually enjoy the hardmode instances designed for hard-core people. It’s not just the super hard-core raiders that are bored. It’s the people who can’t bring their guilds to be motivated to wipe a bunch of times on a boss they just killed yesterday just because it’s called “hard mode” the second time around. That’s not progression  – it’s wiping on what feels like old content already. The hard mode bosses are harder to kill, but they’re not more intrinsically motivating or fun in any sort of way unless you are in a guild where you really are at the most hard-core (top 5 guilds on your server) sort of environment.

In Burning Crusade & Vanilla WoW, there were enough new and interesting things I could find to do that I was hardly ever bored with the game. However, I think WoW actually killed progression – right now, everything is sort of stagnant. You can get nearly the best gear in the game just by re-running the same exact heroic dungeons that I have been playing in for the last year. That isn’t progression – that is running old content.

Then you ask “what about TOC? They just released that dungeon!”

The answer to that is – ToC takes about maybe an hour for my guild to clear on normal mode, and my guild doesn’t enjoy attempting the hard modes, and would rather just not sign up for raids than attempt hard-modes. We’ve been trying to get a raid together for Yogg+3 for the last month, and any time that our guild leaders put Yogg on the calendar, 5 or 6 people magically find other things to be busy with just so they don’t have to go.

Well, you ask, “why don’t you just quit?”

The answer to that is… because it gets fun again when Blizzard puts in a new tier of raids, and if I let my guild down by not being here for them now during the slump, then I’m giving up my spot in new content when it is released.  See, there is always the lure of new content down the road. I’m hoping that ICC will be designed well enough that it will feel like raiding used to feel again. I’m hoping that defeating a boss will feel good because it’s new and interesting – a feeling that I didn’t get from ToC’s 25-man raid.

I also really enjoy the WOW community.  I can’t leave you guys just because I’m bored with the game. I enjoy writing this blog. I enjoy posting on the forums, and I’ve even started to enjoy posting on twitter (as @restokin). I will actually sit at the computer with my web browser open and the game closed. I can’t bring myself to log into the game, but I’m perfectly happy to write about the game, search websites for info about new content, analyze possible new content, and work to shape new content to be fun again.

Why is it my fault that the game doesn’t cater to me right now? I really just want the next patch to come out soon so that I’ll have something worthwhile in game to do for another few short months until I run out of new & exciting things to do there, too.

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  1. Avoria says:

    I know exactly what you are saying. I hate toc, it bores me silly but my guild is willing to spend week after week throwing the raid at hardmodes.

    I don’t enjoy them, and really would rather run Ulduar and just farm toc normal :/

  2. Kaelik says:

    I think the major problem with the current state of WoW is that ToC is kind of a “cheap” raid. Sure, the fights themselves are fun…but there aren’t very many of them, they go by incredibly quickly, and the non-hard modes are pretty easy. Ulduar is still more fun, more challenging, and has much more content…but nobody wants to run it because ToC loot is better and much easier to obtain.

    My hope is that ICC will improve raiding, and from all reports so far it sounds like it should. I just think it’s been a bit too long in coming. ToC will have been the top tier of raiding for about the same amount of time as Ulduar was when ICC finally comes out, and given the relative levels of content between ToC and Ulduar, that’s probably not a good thing.

  3. lyrae says:

    2 years ago this month my guild downed Curator. I still have the picture. It took us 4 weeks to get that guy down. It took us 5 weeks on Shade. The rest is a blur. That step by step process of gear checking/readiness created such a bond between us. Lots of BC content did that. You needed to farm the gear, have sometimes several weeks to attempt, then wham the boss goes down and everyone cheers. There were no “hard modes,” because each new boss was a wee bit harder. You could easily mark your progress. It was always “new” content. SSC, BT, and Hyjal again the reward for doing the next wee bit harder content was so wonderful and NEW. We didn’t make it to Sunwell. We got Illidan down once it was dumbed down and Archi wasn’t nerfed, but we got him down.

    I just can’t imagine a “hard mode” Kara. BORING we would have hated it. In the end didn’t love farming Kara ad nauseum for gearing up raiders when we’d lose a player.

    Basically the achievements and hard modes…same game, no NEW content…killed our guild. It didn’t kill our relationship, the “old timers” and officers, we dissolved the guild. Some have left the game but not all of us.

    Can guilds in WoLK truly gauge and mark their progress as the ones in Vanilla and BC?

  4. Lauraya says:

    It is my opinion that the hard mode boss encounter is one of the worst game design elements Blizzard ever implemented in WoW, precisely because it is not content. No, it does not feel at all fun that you’re expected to run as many as four entirely different instances of the same raid and kill the same bosses week after week just to feel like you’re progressing. And for what, marginally better gear?

    Many players feel like this, and fondly recall a time when progressing in raid content meant defeating new and challenging encounters.

    Now it’s just too much of the same. Too much effort for too little reward.

  5. Chezza says:

    I’m not too thrilled with the game right now either. I don’t have the time to invest in raiding, and my guild has fallen apart. This happened once before on another server, and I rolled a character on an RP server to try something new. Almost two years later, something similar happened with the guild I had invested time and energy in falling apart >.< To me, as a casual player, I don't have the time, resources, or really patience for raiding. So, my frustrations are a little different than yours I suppose; mine focus on things happening (somewhat repeating themselves actually) between the players.

    Despite those frustrations, I still like the game and I feel the Druid forum community in particular is one of the best online communities I've had the privilege to participate in (even though I know I'm not one of the major contributors).

  6. Smashie says:

    I know you said you’re not a pvp oriented player, but you should give it a serious try sometime when you are bored. On my druid, I enjoy both pve and pvp. Druids are a really great class for pvp and are in constant demand for all 3 specs.

    If you could gain some interest in pvp, it will open an entire new aspect of the game for you and I promise it will reawaken the excitement that you once had for the game. It requires a lot of the same skill that pve does, however, it has to be applied in a different manner to counter different types of challenges.

    Or you could just wait the 2 months or so for Cataclysm 🙂

  7. Eskae says:

    I agree with the whole too hardcore, but not hardcore enough dilemma. Fortunately the core group of my guild has been able to do TOGC 10man, but we’ve been getting busier outside of WoW. Raiding 25s has slowly dwindled from Sun-Tue to only Tuesdays because we partner up with another guild and both guild’s attendance numbers are dropping for previous said reason.

    When we were putting attempts in TOGC, we would raid as much as we could throughout the week. Now we’ve cleared it, there’s nothing much to do but wait for the week to reset.

    Since our regulars/core 10/25 group stalled, I haven’t had the motivation to join a hard mode raid with another reputable guild. I don’t want to raid lock myself, when my guild could have the numbers to raid that week. As I won’t be able to Tree it up with them and our healing core will be short with no replacements.

    I’ll be keeping busy with other games for the time being =

  8. Randomsmo says:

    I think what it comes down to is your vision of hard modes. A big reason my old guild broke up was because a ton of people – including most of the officers – didn’t think of hard modes as progression. They’d already killed the bosses, so hard modes were just achievements.

    Over time this just kills attendance and motivation – I remember making two attempts on a HM (Thorim of all things) and we had people ready to quit. Which is insane – two attempts?! – but that’s because they just didn’t really see it as progression, and they didn’t want to spend time on an achievement. Sure it effected rankings – some – but even that wasn’t enough motivation.

    Contrast that to my current guild, which has the following philosophy: normal modes *are not real content*. 100%, categorically. Part of this is because we had a single wipe in all of normal ToC the first week we saw it, but mostly it’s just a state of mind – and in my opinion it’s a necessary state of mind.

    Now I’m sure someone is going to come in here and call me elitist – and sure, I am to some extent – so is any hardcore raider. But I like the normal/hard mode split – I think it’s cool that most people can see the bosses. I think it makes a ton of sense from Blizzard’s perspective.

    But the fact is that if you want to beat hard modes you need to view them as the end-all of progression – that has to be the mindset of not only you, but your entire guild and it’s leadership. And for that to be true, then you need to start thinking of normal modes as practice, as loot pinatas – whatever’s necessary to get you in that mindset.

    So if you’re a person who really wants to beat hard mdoes, then you need to think of them as real content – and you need to either find a guild that feels the same way, or you need to replace the current people in your guild who have no interest in them. I’m not saying kick them – but create a Casual rank, or something like that, and recruit for hard modes. Because otherwise it’s going to be the same-old same-old, with the same attendance and progression issues.

  9. Anthony says:

    I don’t like your post, but you make a good argument. What I don’t like is the assumptions.

    You are lumping your guild/raid preferences in with standard game mechanics and design. If you consider yourself hardcore, you should be attempting clears on hard-mode once normal modes are farm-able. That’s hardcore: clearing everything. Blizzard isn’t responsible for giving you 24 solid raiders to work with, they provide the content. Given your situation, it sounds like the only way to stay happy between now and 3.3 is to raid with a hardcore guild or grow your own. I’m not advocating ditching your friends, I’m just pointing out the difference between the game being boring and your guild lacking the resources to progress.

    As for the overwhelming majority of players being “happy”, I’d agree. I see most guild on my server still pounding through Ulduar, ToC and barely skimming hardmodes. As it is, we likely won’t finish ToC 25 man Normal, and we are the largest or second largest/most active alliance guild on our server. Any faster and most people would miss too much content and be demoralized.

    All that being said, LOVE your blog and site. My go to for whenever i have questions. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Chipster says:

    In general, if you feel this way, you should probably take a break, even for a month or two. I don’t raid, but eventually I need to get away from doing the same stuff over and over.

    Just try a month off, and the game will feel a lot better when you come back. You may feel like you are letting your guild down, but if you aren’t progressing much anyway, you aren’t going to be good to anyone when you burn out and quit for good.

  11. Lissanna says:

    @Anthony – the problem is that people who are inbetween hard-core and casual are losing out in the normal/hard mode divide. It’s not as simple as just trying to get into one of the very few guilds actually doing the hard modes. Part of my argument is that there just aren’t enough guilds interested in doing the hard modes because they aren’t designed in a very fun way – and that the content should also cater to middle-ground people who aren’t either super casual or super hard-core. The content in BC & Vanilla WoW used to include those people where there was such a big range in difficulty and content in PvE that you could just be in a different dungeon – and there was always a good pace that worked for any PvE people. Right now, hard-mode for top 5% and normal mode so that bottom 50% can do it means that the middle kinda gets squeezed out of being considered important – and this is where the portion of people quitting and taking breaks right now are falling (between the top 5% and the bottom 50%).

    As for taking a break, I pretty much only spend a significant amount of time in-game on raid days (2 days a week), and then I may or may not be on for more than 10 minutes any other day. I’m not just going to abandon my guild and leave them hanging (thus adding to the problem of not enough people). I’m just going to avoid playing on non-raid days for the most part until the next patch comes out.

  12. Firewood says:


    I can totally sympathize with your feelings in this post. The game does feel a bit repetitive at this point. Biggest example: 4 separate lockouts for the same raid instance. Hardmodes are blizzard’s very poor attempt to keep us busy until they come out with some new material. They are not greatly challenging and it is frankly boring doing the same raid instance 4x/week. I am forunate enough though, to be raiding with a guild that values the hardmodes and even some of the achievements. Therefore, we end up spending some of our raid-time finishing up achievements or working on hardmodes. For example, this next week we plan to finish getting all our raiders the Ironbound proto-drake from the Ulduar 25 achievements.

    However, I can imagine that even in my raiding guild we will all soon become bored with the game after completing all the content. The content was “cheap” and easily completed, as someone mentioned.

    I myself am already bored with everything in the game besides raiding. I only log on to raid in fact, and when I manage to log on before raid….I sit in dalaran tabbed out doing other things.

    Needless to say I wholeheartedly agree.


  13. Lath says:

    I understand where you are! My guild is doing hard modes however even with only Anub’arak left to kill people are mysteriously not turning up and raiders are whinging about having to do the same raid 4 times a week (both 10 mans and 25 mans).

    We also haven’t finished cleareing Ulduar HMs but we’re hesitant to schedule it because we’re sure half the raid won’t both to turn up because we did Ulduar for months and the gear will all be DE’d anyway.

    TOGC is a 25 man guild breaker. It’s easy to clear on normal however Northrend Beasts is incredibly difficult to clear on Heroic and I can understand why quite a few 25 man guilds were burnt out trying to get it down, or have taken it off the roster.

    For 25 man raiders Wrath was released with too little content (1 x recycled raid + 2 1 Boss raids) and it worries me that if ICC is released in December/January that we potentially will have 6-12 months with nothing else to clear afterward.

  14. Keeva says:

    I feel the same!

    TOC was a nice little novelty raid, but we’re ready for the next one now, please.

    Other than Yogg0 and Tribute to Insanity (and Herald of the Titans), we’re done.


    I suppose it’s lucky, then, that I’m insanely busy IRL and don’t really have much time for the game anyway. I’m bored with it enough as it is with only an hour or two here and there to play.

    Can’t wait to sink our teeth into Icecrown.

  15. Ardol says:

    My guess is that Blizzard wanted people to see more of the content that they put so much time in, so they put in hard modes for the raiders like yourself who raid for progression, not just to see the content. It may have been a failure, but they are dipping their feet at this point. You can see this fact in the fact that hard mode bosses drop better gear than normal mode bosses, and thus they are pretty much a new tier of content. Though I agree with the idea, the implementation is indeed lazy.

  16. Foofy says:

    I’m highly bored with the game when we first cleared Ulduar 2 days before the first reset on it on its week release.

    Blowing through the content seemed to make me expect more with hardmodes, however it didn’t seem to come as anything exciting until Alagon and then yogg 0. With ToC, I was hoping for something more exciting, instead you stand inside an arena…fight a few bosses and leave. We can clear Heroic 25, normal 25, and heroic 10 along with 7 ulduar bosses in 1 day easily. Which is pretty sad. This is what begins to bore people. The same thing, over and over again. As a far progressed guild, the thoughts are still the same. I’d quit but then I would be back at the next content patch because it would be fun again.

    But at the same time, I hate logging in, clearing the same old stuff and what sucks is, you get the mindset its so easy and then when you wipe to something stupid, people get angry and on edge about every little thing. So it causes temper issues too going back through content you have been clearing already for months, just waiting for something new to come out.

  17. Lissanna says:

    @Ardol – the problem is that they didn’t put hard modes in for people like me, because I don’t get to actually see the hard-mode 25-man content at all. I’ve done some of the 10-man hardmode, but the hard modes on MOST fights are just “do more healing in less time”, or “do more damage go go go”. When you kill a boss for the very first time, it’s new and exciting and interesting. When you go back and try to do the same boss (only do it better), it’s frustrating because it is the same content only it hurts more (which is why I started saying that it felt like doing normal modes with a hand in the blender – you get extra pain, but you don’t feel like it’s rewarding in the same way that killing Nefarion for the first time felt rewarding). If Hard Modes actually felt like new bosses, then it would be fun & interesting – but it doesn’t feel new, it just hurts more and leads to frustration.

  18. Infinitum says:

    Why not try asking your guild to spend their time doing only hard modes? That way it will be just like Vanilla/BC where you spend attempt after attempt trying to kill a hard boss?

    The non-hard modes are easily pug-able, unlike the Vanilla/BC raids you are unfairly comparing them to.

  19. Maaya says:

    I know the feeling of being sandwiched between the regular and the hard modes. That exactly where we were before the guild fell apart. 🙁

    But since I’m returning to WOW with a fresh start, I’m actually looking forward to grinding those Northrend heroics (that I’ve tanked god knows how many times) so that I can start raiding soon again.

  20. Poras says:

    hey liss… you’re getting a lot of replies to read through on this so i hope this doesn’t get lost anywhere. my guild is in the exact same position yours is. we burn through ToC25 in an hour and half and do Onyxia the same night and our 2nd 25man night has like 17 people sign up because nobody wants to look at yogg anymore.

    we also have the hardcore/casual divide still. my solution to this was taking the 10 that wanted hardmodes and adding a separate day to our calendar and we just do hardmodes things… we’re working through Ulduar10 right now and will hit ToC10 when that’s done. not a fix-all solution… but it caters to those who want more without requiring those that are happy with just normal modes to put forth more effort.

    so my suggestion: talk to your GM or officers and see how many are interested in hardmodes… if it’s around 10, set up a special day/time to work on those and rotate some people in if it’s more than 10. if it’s closer to 25 but not enough, ask around the server… i’m sure there are some “2nd stringers” to hardcore guilds that wouldn’t mind a chance to raid (plus maybe you can recruit people this way too to bolster your own raid ranks… underhanded, but it works).

    but as for me right now… i’m in the same boat of trying to keep the hardcore people happy and the casual people happy without blurring the lines between the two and in turn making nobody happy ^_^

    hope something in here helps —


  21. Poras says:

    oooh, and i forgot to mention: most of the people who say “the majority of WoW players…” usually are basing it off their own guild polls or server polls. from what i gather, several servers are behind progression as far as hardmodes go, and several others are full clearing ToGC25 without issues… it all depends on where you look.

    my server, twisting nether, is behind the curve as a whole. we have 3 guilds server-wide (two horde and one alliance) that clear ToGC25 and only one of those guilds makes the chest run with more than 25 attempts remaining.

    — Poras

  22. Pixi says:

    this is why i decided to ‘take a break’ from wow for a month or so. it took me a lot o thinkin’ to do so. i felt like i was abandoning guildies or friends, and i told them all why i was taking a break for a while and i can only hope they’ll remember me when i get back into it.
    it just got flat and boring. it didn’t feel like i was advancing my toon in any way. i tried leveling an alt, but it didn’t cut it.
    i plan to go back for sure, but a little break was needed.

  23. Lynxal says:

    I hear you Lissana. Glad to be in a guild with you. We all recognize raiding ATM sucks. I, as you, want to keep progressing, keep having new challenges. We own 25 man normal stuff. But cannot get 10 of our best raiders for heroics, that is disappointing.

    For the moment we wait for new content, because we like our guildies and know in the future we will progress in 25 man content.

  24. Maor says:

    I barely log on these days myself, mainly due to boredom. I feel bad for the guild, but I’m having fun not playing as much. I still do sign up for raids, but I log in maybe at most 4 times a week.

  25. Rabberax says:

    Hello there,

    Not to sound totally depressed and everything but doesn’t the current state of World of Warcraft and its social mechanics resemble our current society?

    Ofcourse the real life is much more complicated and diverse but for me it comes down to the same – we are all looking for a goal in our lives – let it be family/friends or carreers. I have however never heard anyone find… a real answer(why the we are keeping ourselves busy) and everyone just keeps going on… doing what life offers us next(new content) in the hope we somehow…. get closer to the truth. It does really sound depressive but i assure you it is not. I believe there will never be a game or real life activity that will truly satisfy our needs. In the end the fun and satisfaction only derrives from the people which you share it with(guildies).

    So for me, as i often have the same doubts/issues you experience, it only matters that the people i play with are going to keep playing with me. Sometimes i meet new people(guildies) but i tend to fall back on my oldest gaming buddies again and again.

    I guess i am trying to tell you to find out who the people are who you enjoy playing with and set some sort of goal together so you can keep having fun together. Even if some of them are not able to meet up to your standards of skill/availability there is always a way 🙂 – i say this from personal experience! 🙂

  26. Leafshine says:

    I’ll reply in a full post tomorrow, but I think you massively, massively misrepresented what I was actually saying in that first paragraph. Apparently I didn’t get my point across very well, if that’s what you think I was saying.

    And, uh, I’m a he. I just play Leafy in a game. 🙂

  27. Kawil says:

    I agree with you totally. I recently quit wow because

    1) It was beginning to take up too much of my time and

    2) The fights were getting old way too quick.

    It’s hard to stay excited about hard modes when they’re technically the exact same fight you just did, tuned slightly differently. It’s not like it’s a new boss or a new tier of content like BWL or old school Naxx was. It’s a lot harder to stay motivated about it. I hope you’re able to find more things in game to be excited about, or are able to find a different avenue for enjoyment!

  28. Cassandri says:

    This was really well said Lissanna. Hard modes are, in essence, the same boss but with much less room for error. Oh wait, in Lord J you have to DPS something you don’t have to in normal.

    If your guild goes in to try 25 normal mode and it’s some kind of challenge that first week. Well, good luck trying to make them come back a couple months in when they are bored and the whole raiding game is in a slump (waiting for new content) and telling them, ok, this time it’s gonna be harder and we’ll wipe a bunch. Want to stick around?

    You actually need your raiders to be extremely competitive (driven by ranks) or loot hungry (driven by 258 gear). I don’t think this is most guilds.

    And on Barthilas there are a LOT of guilds in your situation. I see at least one recruitment msg in Trade each day that reads like this:

    WeRock, 5/5 ToC25, 5/5 ToGC10 LF raiders to fill roster

  29. Thinkzalot says:

    Posted a response to Leafshine, you, and Fluid Druid on my Blog: http://thinkzalot.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/11/wow-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly.html

  30. Bellwether says:

    I’m very, very bored. And I do hardmodes, I do PvP, I have 3 80’s, I level, I quest, I do dailies.


    And yet I really hope they don’t release ICC until I’m back from my winter break…

  31. Lissanna says:

    I think my next post is going to be about why raid instances actually need trash mobs, even if we think we don’t like trash. That’s what ToC is really missing & why we clear it too fast.

  32. Leafshine says:

    I think there’s definitely something to be said for the “rhythm” of instances, the switch of pace between trash and bosses.

  33. jmilster says:

    Personally, I think the ToC probably started out as a great idea when it was on the drawing board, but I feel that it has really failed to deliver for a select group of raiders.

    Personally, I think defining raiders as just casual and hardcore does not provide enough categories. Most of the time when I see people referring to casual and hardcore they are referring to the amount of time that people are playing each week. Which in the BC raiding is good enough to classify raiders, but with the advent of hard modes in WotLK that is no longer enough. We now need a different classification.

    Site seers — Raiders who want to see all of the raid content. Hard modes bore you because you’ve been there done that.

    Challengers — Raiders that want to be challenged. These are the people that hard modes and achievements were really designed for.

    Elitists — My ePeen is biggest in the universe! Hardcore only!

    Now we have five different categories of raiders.

    Casual Site Seers — These guys spend 1-2 nights a week progressing through content and have either just finished ToC or are about to.

    Hardcore Site Seers — They’ve finished ToC for a month or two and are bored out of their mind, but still have no desire for hard modes. ToC has probably destroyed more then a few of these guilds.

    Casual Challengers — They’ve finished quite a few hard modes in Ulduar and possibly even a few of the fights in ToGC.

    Hard Core Challengers — Ulduar hard modes, check. ToGC, if not complete then we getting there.

    Elitists — Yogg + 0, check. A Tribute to Insanity, check. PTR raids, check.

  34. Antien says:

    I can see why you become bored with the game – you’ve been playing since it came out.

    I found myself in the same situation with RuneScape, an MMO I used to play since 2002 up until last year. RS doesn’t have raids or instanced dungeons like WoW does, but there was enough grinding content for each of the 24 skills, and always a community of people trying to improve them in the same way. Even lengthy story-line-esque quests, minigames and PvP content. In the later years of RS they’ve added more and more bosses, better drops, stronger equipment… but I was still bored. Eventually I migrated to WoW and rediscovered a boredom-cure.

    I find myself doing this with every game I purchase for my console systems. You just eventually get bored with the content and/or delivery of said content and get immersed in another game.

    Of course with WoW, I find myself learning new things about the game every day, and how to improve my class/role techniques. Just the other day, as a tankadin, I just realized I had an ability called Divine Sacrifice, and that I could have potentially saved many wipes using it. Learn something new every day.

    You could always try using different classes with different specs and other things. I know that you like to heal a lot with your restokin builds, but have you ever tried tanking? Paladin, warrior, DK(bleh)? Or maybe you could try for personal achievements like I tried when I was leveling. Soloing each instance alone, or soloing/duoing vanilla raids. You could even try to gain as many of the in-game achievements as possible.

    Again, I’m just throwing some suggestions out there.
    Maybe you could even run some instances with me from time to time. Or you could teach me how to heal! I’m a noob at healing. 😛

  35. Jack says:

    My solution has always been simple although apparently that won’t really help you.

    I divide my time between doing things in big blocks: one month I might just do professions/money, another I might be gathering achievements, some month I’m working on mounts, …

    And then sometimes I tank for a month, DPS for a month, …

    Now that you can gear up in less than a week for normal mode content you can easily switch whenever you feel like it – and get somebody else in the guild to switch roles with you.

    The cyclical nature of WoW with content patches caters to this playstyle perfectly.

    Tanking is fun again, even the heroic 5-mans, for me now that I haven’t gotten hit in the face for a few months…


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