Monthly Archives: November 2009

Need more abilities: 10 to 30 feral

Okay, so one of the most common complaints by druids who are leveling feral is how bad it is to level from 10 to 20. These are usually druids who get bear form and try to plod away by mauling things to death for 10 levels. It’s pretty painful. What bear gets from 10 to […]

Shared topic: WoW’s best changes for druids

Okay, so the shared topic on Blog Azeroth is asking about what we think are the best changes that have happened to WoW in the last 5 years. Since I’ve been playing my druid for almost all 5 of those years (except for the couple months when I got frustrated by tree healing in BC), […]

Spells for moonkin: Cataclysm suggestions

Okay, so it’s been a while since I asked for feedback on what spells moonkin need. At this point, I’ve isolated it to two new spells needed. Both need to be arcane school. One needs to be an instant-cast spell (single target) with a short cooldown. One needs to be a short cast time single-target […]

Exploring the world

So, for the last couple of weeks, I have been feeling pretty nostalgic. I have been playing WoW since about a week or two after the game first came out. So, in preparation for Cataclysm, I wanted to visit all the zones and pick up my World Explorer achievement. I just had a handful of […]