Monthly Archives: November 2009

Save the turkeykin!

So, Pilgrim’s Bounty begins this Sunday, the 22nd and lasts thru the 28th. This is the first time where turkeykin hunting season is being recognized as an actual in-game holiday, much to the dismay of all the turkeykin who will be ruthlessly tracked and hunted down this season. However, instead of just having turkeykin hunting […]

Why raids need trash mobs

Raid instances need trash mobs for several reasons: Helps with pacing of raid content. It slows down the raiding group so they can’t blow through content as fast. Part of the problem with the 10 & 25-man ToC instance is that we complete it too fast. Without any trash mobs to better pace the time […]

What came first?

The moon chicken or the egg? Okay, so I usually plan & write posts a day in advance when I can, and then I schedule things to post after I go to bed (which is why often I have posts at odd hours of the morning). I have a really good idea for what I […]