Monthly Archives: November 2009

Think pink: Thanks BBB!

Okay, so Big Bear Butt Blogger’s guild (Sidhe Devils) hosted a cancer awareness walk in honor of Julie, a guild member of theirs who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  The donations to their cause raised over $1600!  Somewhere between 100 and 200 people came out to celebrate. A group started in the horde area, another […]

If WoW is “just right,” why am I bored?

Okay, so I got frustrated at poor leafshine’s post today. Why? Well, I’m really just not sure. Honestly, for as much as I like WoW, right now I am absolutely bored out of my mind with the game. It’s not that it’s too easy, but that there isn’t enough content that is catering to people […]

Toskk’s Maximized Wristguards

Congrats Toskk on the item that Blizzard named after you! We miss you! Toskk quit playing back in August, and Blizzard decided to recognize all his hard work and dedication to the druid class by naming an item after him. They did a similar thing when BRK & Phaelia quit, as well. Our comrades are […]