Pugging for Pugs? New pictures of the pet reward

Okay, so I saw one of the cutest (ever) pet models pop up on mmo-champion.

It’s a picture of the “perky pug”. I want one bad enough that I might actually have to run random PUGs just for the pet.

Oh, Blizzard, why do you make me have to torture myself this way just for adorable pets?


OMG I want one.  Yay pets!

One of my first pets (and favorites for a long time) was the Worg pet that I got out of Lower BRS. It used to follow me around all the time back in my Molten Core days. As much as I like pets in the game, I really like the idea of having an actual puppy pet to follow me around. If I have to endure some random daily pugs for a while to get it, then so be it. It’ll just give me some PUG horror stories to write about on the blog, lol.

Other than that, there really isn’t much exciting going on for druids with the newest PTR build.

They seem to be allowing people to use meeting stones at any level above 15, which is great for things like the Headless Horseman event where our lives would have been easier if we could summon people. It will also help for higher levels that run lower levels through instances, as this will have the possibility on cutting down travel time if you are doing it as a big enough group.

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10 comments on “Pugging for Pugs? New pictures of the pet reward
  1. Chipster says:

    Pugging isn’t all that bad. I have actually had pretty decent experiences with pugs, especially since WOTLK hit.

    Granted, in classic WoW pugs were really terrible (and I was no exception) but players have come a long way into understanding their classes in the last two expansions.

    The worst part of finding a pug is getting all the roles filled in a reasonable time frame, but the new cross-realm instancing should help with that quite a bit.

  2. Relevart says:

    @ Chipster

    I agree that PuGing is not nearly as bad as it used to be. I attribute this to a reduction in the need for CC in the instances. It’s now all smash and grab type encounters with a few “move” mechanics.

  3. jornk says:

    I think the quality of the PUG depends upon 1 of 2 things.

    1) The quality of the tank
    2) The quality of the healer

    A squishy, no threat holding tank stinks bad.
    A healer that can’t keep a tank up stinks bad.
    If you have neither a good healer nor a good tank, your group = total fail.

  4. Kae says:

    It’s so adorable!!

    Agreed, though, Jornk. If you have a super-awesome OP tank, then they can make up for a weak healer (usually by over-gearing the content) and silly dps (often by doing a lot of the dps on their own). If you have a powerful healer, they can often carry a group that would otherwise be dead, often by tanking themselves through heal aggro and keeping up “DPS tanks” who pull off the tank.

    A strong DPS in a group *usually* can’t carry a group when there is both a weak healer and a weak tank, however, as they will likely be tanking themselves even when they wait for threat to build, and the weak healer won’t be able to keep them alive.

  5. Ardol says:

    I haven’t had many bad experiences with PUGs on my realm; people seem to know what they are doing. I hope this doesn’t change when I start running with people in my battlegroup.

    Honestly, I feel the same way about this pet as I do towards the Dun Morogh Cub: it looks cute from a quick glance, but it’s not pretty to look at for a long time, and the longer you look at it, the less cute it looks.

  6. Lissanna says:

    @Ardol: I’m easily amused by in-game pets of all varieties…

  7. Mortiseraph says:

    Don’t worry liss, now that I’m on Elune I’ll tank for ya if need be.

    If I remember correctly, you can go into the ‘random’ pug/heroic with however many members you want and it fills in the rest. Jornk makes a good point, as long as the heals and tank are solid, the dps are expendable 🙂

  8. Lissanna says:

    Mort, that is a good point. We can have Conspiracy tanks & healers, and just fill in enough DPS for it to be “random” and get credit.

  9. Poras says:

    O.O … must… have.

    and what everybody is saying is right. PuGs are not the worst things ever (with a few exceptions). if you have a competent tank and healer, you’re golden. and me being a healer that heavily outgears 5mans, as long as the tank is semi-competent, it’ll be fine for me.

    and mort’s right too. you can find your own tank/healer and then sign up for the random pug and let it fill in the dps and still qualify.

  10. kuhbus says:

    what i miss are multi-language cross-country pugs 🙂
    that would be fun!


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