Save the turkeykin!

So, Pilgrim’s Bounty begins this Sunday, the 22nd and lasts thru the 28th.

This is the first time where turkeykin hunting season is being recognized as an actual in-game holiday, much to the dismay of all the turkeykin who will be ruthlessly tracked and hunted down this season. However, instead of just having turkeykin hunting season, we also get our revenge! We are now able to also become the hunters, and we get to sniff out some rogues from the shadows. Take that you rogues for getting Starfall nerfed last year & making it moonkin hunting season all year in arenas! We also get to use our sneaking skills as druids to infiltrate enemy cities!

Not into hunting? There are also lots of food related achievements! We get to have food fights, we’ll be able to cook up some yummy food (though I object to having to cook up some roasted turkeykin),  we get to learn the importance of being part of a community of caring and learn the benefits of sharing.

There will also be a series of daily quests, including having to make some yummy pies! And yes, I object to having to cook up roasted turkeykin for this one, too.

The reward for slaughtering all the helpless turkeykin… I mean completing all the achievements… is getting a turkey pet of your own.

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6 comments on “Save the turkeykin!
  1. Boize says:

    If we’re considered chicken, does this make us any safer?

  2. Lissanna says:

    @Boize – Yes, but then it makes my post less amusing…

  3. graylo says:

    I wish there were pet moonkin. That would be the first pet i would actualy try to get.

  4. Lissanna says:

    I became a pet collector when pets stopped taking up bag space… as I only ever had space for a couple important ones before we got bags just for pets.

  5. Megami says:

    Mmm… now I’m hungry!

  6. Aleanathem says:

    Agreed, Megami! Where’s the turkey?

    I want that pet. Just hope I get the time to attempt all the achievements this year! Thanks for the insightful post on the in-game holiday. =)


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