Spells for moonkin: Cataclysm suggestions

Okay, so it’s been a while since I asked for feedback on what spells moonkin need. At this point, I’ve isolated it to two new spells needed. Both need to be arcane school. One needs to be an instant-cast spell (single target) with a short cooldown. One needs to be a short cast time single-target nuke (likely between the cast time of wrath & starfire).

Here’s why & what I’m imagining for the future of moonkin.

  • Right now in moonkin PvP, one huge problem that people don’t talk a lot about is the fact that pretty much all of our spells are nature. The only non-nature offensive abilities are: Moonfire (just a DOT), Starfire (too long of a cast time), and starfall (easy to interrupt it’s damage).  This sucks when any of our nature spells gets us locked out of the nature school, since we can’t use our main PvP nuke (wrath), typhoon, cyclone, or heal! So, we need more spells that are arcane so we have more of an ability to deal with being locked out of a magic school.
  • Moonkin in PvE need to be able to drop wrath from our rotation (OR need wrath’s cast time to be longer). Basically, we need to be able to have a short-cast PvP nuke that we don’t use in PvE – so that our PvE gear can have more haste on it. So, we need 3 nuke speeds (before haste, after Starlight Wrath talent). These speeds are: 1.5 seconds, 2 seconds, 2.5 seconds. We can rotate between the 2 second and 2.5 second speed nukes in PvE, and then the 1.5 second nuke can be for PvP. Right now, wrath is the 1.5 second nuke, but I’d be okay with wrath being turned into the 2 second nuke, with the new nuke coming in at 1.5 seconds for PvP.  Just about anything works so long as we have those 3 different nuke speeds. This would solve the PvE haste problem without destroying our PvP abilities. It would be even better if the PvP nuke was 1.5 seconds and ARCANE so that if it got spellocked, we could still cast nature spells. They could even make wrath an arcane spell, and make the new nuke nature. At any rate, the PvP’ers could still use the medium cast time nuke as a backup spell if wrath stayed as the shortest cast spell – but the PvE haste problem doesn’t have to destroy moonkin’s chances of being good at PvP.
  • We need to be able to cast on the run more often, and just having DOTs and Typhoon to cast on the run isn’t enough, so we need a “cast on the run” spell, with a short cooldown for an instant direct damage effect. This can be used in PvP for doing some more controlled bursty damage to someone, and can be used for making the PvE rotations more interesting with managing it’s cooldown and how it could be designed to make us want to rotate other spells into our rotation. It can also be designed in a really interesting and “flavorful” way.
  • Eclipse needs to be replaced with a better PvE rotation mechanic. Adding two new spells helps a lot with being able to design a whole new PvE rotation & gives us more things to manage. The PvE talents need to be redesigned to have an interesting rotation without this really artificial feeling mechanic that Eclipse has become. Eclipse was a good band-aid fix, but not a long term solution.

Some separated PvP & PvE talents: If we get two new spells, and we end up having separate PvP and PvE tools, then we can have a couple talents designed just for doing interesting PvP things with our PvP tool set, and we can have a set of different talents designed to make us good PvE damage dealers. Having a better spell arsenal variety would help a lot with this, as being so limited in number of spells really hurts us in a lot of ways. PvP talents could add more defensive & offensive PvP-oriented abilities, and PvE talents could be used to boost damage and make moonkin’s damage rotations more interesting for PvE purposes – to make us  mix up the use of our two PvE-oriented nuke spells (the 2 sec & 2.5 sec nukes), the instant cast cooldown spell, and our two DOTs.

Why generals & not specifics?

I’m listing out here pretty obvious points, but not saying WHAT the two new spells should look like. This is because I respect Blizzard’s design decisions in terms of what they want our new rotation to look like. However, I want to give some suggestions and continue all of our discussions about this in hopes that moonkin can be a lot better in Cataclysm. I hardly ever fill numbers into my suggestions so that they don’t get turned down just based on the numbers.

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5 comments on “Spells for moonkin: Cataclysm suggestions
  1. Verdus says:

    Personally, I’m a big fan of the warlock spell Conflagrate and I think an analogue of it would serve moonkin *very* well in both PvE and PvP. Tie it to Moonfire (making it a shoo-in for the Arcane school) and you’re pretty much done right there. Instant, burst Arcane damage on a short but reasonable cooldown. Hell, with something like that and a 2.0 second cast time on Wrath, I don’t even think we’d need a third nuke.

  2. Lavata says:

    Ya Verdus I have was thinking along the same lines when discussing this with Liss when she first mentioned this topic. I also think some sort of combo like the Arcane Mage {Arcane Blast, Arcane Barrage, Missile Barrage} set or the Frost {Ice Bolt, Ice Lance, Shatter Combo} set would be work or be cool as well.

  3. Ameer says:

    i vote for a faerie dragon talent, with a nuke, coutner spell, and phase-shift… 😛

  4. Theidolon says:

    I think moonkin need more cc 😛

    +1 Ameer

  5. Camus says:

    Just redesign eclipse:
    Once eclipse procs it leaves a debuff on the enemie with 6-8 stacks depending on wrath or SF.
    Each time a nuke hits the debuffed target, 1 stack is removed and dmg affected by the eclipse effect.
    Only one eclipse debuff of any type allowed on the
    target at the same time.
    Casting opponent school nuke while eclipse is applied on the target will remove all eclipse stacks instantly until new eclipse is proct on the target.

    This would defenitly fix our movement+dmg problem without adding wierd spells,..

    If dmg increased according to basic castime of wrath i would vote aswell for wrath beeing 2sec cast instead of 1,5


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