The new PTR PUG loot system explained (with pics!)

Okay, so last night, I decided to join in the PUG fun on the PTR. We had a random shot of getting in an instance group with a Blue, and that meant people would actually be using the tool. Here’s what the first menu looks like when you want to sign up for the LFG dungeons:


My first observation: No one wants to do Heroic Occulus. We had to choose the random heroic feature. When I got matched for my first group and zoned in, we were in Occulus. Everyone in the group said something like “heck no” and disbanded the group. Apparently, getting a 15 minute debuff preventing them from joining the queue again was better than running heroic Occulus.

That said, the second group I got into (after my debuff wore off) was Heroic Nexus. I was lucky enough to be put into a group with an Enchanter, so when we hit the first boss and his loot dropped, this was what popped up:


Okay, so we all chose DE on it, because none of us wanted it, so someone won the shard. If someone wanted to roll need on it though, they would have won the item.

Then, I decided to be more creative and see what happens when I rolled greed on something:


So, my greed roll got beat out by someone else’s Disenchant roll here, so someone else won the item, and received a shard. I did, however, win one of the green items with my greed roll later in the run:


So, it does look like DE and greed is given equal weight, and you can greed/DE both BOP and BOE items (both of the greens were BOE random drops). When you won the DE roll, you received the appropriate kind of shard in your bag instead of the item. If you rolled greed, you received the actual item – but you didn’t get priority over the other people who rolled DE.

When one of our group members was logged out for too long, the group leader initiated the process to remove them from the group. When the leader does that, everyone had a vote box come up, asking if you wanted to kick them out or not. I wasn’t fast enough to snap a shot of what that menu looked like.

When you wanted to fill a spot in the raid, you could re-enter the queue. At the point where you re-enter the queue to fill the spot in your group, you get a box that pops up asking you to confirm your role:


Once we all confirmed our roles, a 5th member was added to our group. This new member at this point was one of the Blizzard employees, who finished the group with us. We had a lot of fun blasting our way through the rest of the instance.

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16 comments on “The new PTR PUG loot system explained (with pics!)
  1. Chipster says:

    Good concise explanation. Personally, I don’t mind that DE and greed get equal priority. Yes, I may lost out on some cloth gear, but at the same time, it prevents shamans and paladins from stealing any good leather that drops.

    Also, I am one of the dozen or so people that play WoW who actually enjoys Heroic Occulus. Why is there so much hate for that instance?

  2. Lissanna says:

    because Occulus was difficult to figure out how to do it right in the beginning, so it got a bad rap…

  3. Psynister says:

    Cool, I’m digging the changes that they’re adding.

    I do understand the frustration with the DE & Green thing going on, and hopefully there’s a way to balance that once it goes live.

    For the most part though, I’m really looking forward to getting in on these new additions.

  4. Patrick says:

    When you added the new player, were they ported directly in the zone, or did you hav to summon him?

  5. Erdluf says:

    For “Confirm your role” and “LFG”, can you list multiple roles (like the current LFG)?

  6. Keeva says:

    Thanks Liss, good to clear it up for all the people who have been claiming that Greed beats DE.

    I’m looking forward to random pugs – I pug for fun (maybe I’m a bit odd..)

    And for the record, the reason I hate Oculus is because the whole vehicle thing gets old after the first one or two trips; because it messes with my custom UI; and because my raid frames never want to co-operate. It’s just more painful than it has to be.

    Some vehicle stuff in WotLK has been a lot of fun, mostly the solo quest stuff.. but I find vehicles in groups to be irritating, generally. I do dungeons and raids to heal, not drive a dragon around.

    Dunno, maybe if the UI was improved somehow, it would make it less painful/annoying.

  7. Lissanna says:

    @Patrick – Since they are sometimes coming from different realms, they have to be ported because you can’t summon them.

    @Erdluf – When you are selecting the role, I am pretty sure you can stil choose more than one.

  8. Lissanna says:

    Also, the greed = DE priority holds for blue items, and not just greens. I just didn’t want to roll greed on one of the non-leather items that dropped from the dungeon because I didn’t want to get voted off the island, lol.

  9. This is a great overview of the new system – I haven’t been able to try it out myself, but I like what I see. Thank you!

  10. Soldris says:

    Thanks for the explanation 🙂

    One thing I noticed though..

    “I was lucky enough to be put into a group with an Enchanter”

    I was under the impression that the disenchant option appeared regardless of if someone in the group had enchanting or not?

  11. Appock says:

    Thanks for the post! Very informative! Everything I heard didn’t make sense about the new system.

  12. Maaya says:

    @Soldris: No, Disenchant option will only appear if your group has an Enchanter, and the Enchanter must have the required level of skill.

    So Greed is still open for all. I read somewhere that Need is only for classes of the proper armor type (i.e. Paladins can only need plate). So when you have a paladin with four clothies, and a good healing leather drops, you’d have to arrange for manual give-ups to make sure the paladin gets the piece.

    Looks like a slight oversight.

  13. Chipster says:


    No, the Disenchant option will only be there if there is an appropriate level enchanter in the group.

  14. Soldris says:

    Ah, thanks for the clarification.

    I think Blizzard could still make some improvements in terms of looting, specifically for classes or specs which have optimized gear outside their ‘normal’ gear type.

  15. Meugly says:

    Thanks for the clarification on how it works!

  16. Evie says:

    As resto/boomkin it worries me that I would be unable to Need cloth items. As has often been observed, cloth items can be superior to leather for druids (especially considering that most leather with spellpower is =/= to boomkin loot).

    Does the “leather only” requirement insist that an awesome (though cloth) upgrade can be D/E’d?

    Once disenchanted, an item can also not be traded to someone who may need it as an upgrade, but was denied a need roll.

    Any help here?


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