Tier 10 druid stats released

MMO-champion has started getting information on the Icecrown raid itemization. Among the info they have is numbers for the tier sets for druids.

Okay, so both Relevart & Graylo seem to have put their stamp of approval on the tier 10 moonkin set. Yay!

I’m still not ready to put a seal of approval on the resto set however. For the resto set, they slightly missed the mark. Why? Only two pieces of the resto tier set have haste. The pieces with crit are the iconic pieces: Helm, shoulders, chest. If we want to wear 4 pieces of our tier 10 set, we end up having to wear two crit pieces, and then we’ll have to struggle to get enough haste to hit our 750 to 850 haste “cap” in 3.3. The tier 10 resto set would have worked before the change to GOTEM, but now we need the itemization team to take a second look at the resto tier 10 set, to make sure: 3 pieces have haste & only 2 have crit. It’s not even a drastic change that I’m asking for. Just one more haste piece so that people who want to wear the tier 10 set have the chance to hit the haste cap (even if it will still be challenging). It would be really sad if no one ever wore the resto tier 10 set pieces other than the pants & gloves.

Dear developers, if you want haste to be an important stat for resto druids, then please put it on our gear. That’s all I’m asking for.

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10 comments on “Tier 10 druid stats released
  1. Verdus says:

    Here’s hoping that the data-mined info is bugged, as they’ve said sometimes happens. It’s the same proportion of crit pieces as T9, even if not the same pieces, so it seems plausible.

  2. Ditto says:

    They did this same thing with Paladins T9. They nerfed illumination, while at the same time giving us tons of crit on our set gear, instead of the haste / mp5 that we would need.

    That said, things still worked out well. No matter what happens, we’ll manage to get by.

  3. Verile says:

    I really don’t think they want us to have easy access to haste. Blizzard wants it to be a trade-off. In this case trade our 4-set bonus for a faster GCD.

  4. Lissanna says:

    Even at 3 pieces with haste, it is still going to be a choice about how you are gearing, and whether or not you even want the 4-piece bonus is a choice. However, the people who would benefit the most from that 4-piece bonus (ie. progression 25-man hard mode players) are also the people who need to be haste-capped the most. Forcing them to pick one (be haste capped) or the other (get set bonus) is NOT a good choice to have to make.

  5. Verile says:

    I definitely agree.

  6. Hamlet says:

    Yeah–the crit is an issue. No idea why they saw to take Spirit off of Moonkin gear but not to take crit off of Resto gear. I think it’s some sort of misguided attempt to support “diverse playstyles.”

    Also, the Resto 2-piece bonus is still terrible, and the 4-piece is mediocre.

  7. Lissanna says:

    I want the stronger wild growth ticks.

  8. Chezza says:

    just have to see I guess, but I don’t raid, so not a big deal here.

  9. Hamlet says:

    The WG bonus is very weak. I mean, it’s good in concept–buffing a spell we use frequently is nice. But
    1) It’s just numerically tiny. At my stats (4100 spellpower), it’s around a 3% increase in the total power of WG.
    2) It’s heavily backloaded onto the later ticks of WG which are the least effective. The first few ticks feel almost no change at all.

  10. Maaya says:

    It won’t be the first time they’ve put vastly differing stats on the same set. For example the paladin protection tier sets used to have half the set as block pieces (useful only in specific rare situations or as toy when tanking over-geared instances), and only the other half as avoidance pieces.

    I’ve always thought it as their way of saying, “we are just too lazy to make more sets”. So some pieces are geared towards one direction, others will be to another direction.

    If I remember correctly, the warlock T7 set was also like this.


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