Toskk’s Maximized Wristguards

Congrats Toskk on the item that Blizzard named after you! We miss you!

Toskk quit playing back in August, and Blizzard decided to recognize all his hard work and dedication to the druid class by naming an item after him. They did a similar thing when BRK & Phaelia quit, as well. Our comrades are gone from the public WoW community, but they are not forgotten.

Also, why do players have to quit before they get things named after them? 🙁

On another note…

Have a good weekend! My oral comprehensive exam defense is on Monday, so either I’ll post a lot this weekend as a form of procrastination, or I’ll be rather busy with final studying prep. I haven’t decided yet, lol. It probably depends on if we get a big patch on the PTR soon or not…

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8 comments on “Toskk’s Maximized Wristguards
  1. Bruski says:

    Also, why do players have to quit before they get things named after them? 🙁

    Probably for the same reason people aren’t canonized until their dead.
    Blizzard doesn’t want an item named after someone who then turns to attack them or becomes an asshat, so they minimize risks by waiting until people leave.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Then again, they did name an NPC after Breanni of warcraft pets, where that site is still going strong. So, I guess there are exceptions to the rule!

  3. Relevart says:

    Awesome. Now, are they properly itemized according to Toskk?!? I think he should weigh in. I can’t express how cool that is.

  4. Chezza says:

    Good luck with comps!

  5. Toskk says:

    *laugh* I was astonished when I heard about the item earlier this morning! I do still prowl the feral community from time to time, but I honestly never expected this.

    Truthfully, no, they’re not all that well itemized 😉 While the stats themselves are solid, gem sockets are just so inexpensive in the item budget formula that items without them typically need to be much higher ilevel than any other available item for the slot to really compete. Ah well, I’m still astounded 😉

    If anything, though, I see this as a reminder once again of how exceptional the druid community is. I had an incredible amount of support and assistance in the feral model projects, and am thankful that the project is still ongoing, too! Thank you to everyone here, especially Lissanna!

  6. Lissanna says:

    Yay Toskk!

    want us to petition for more sockets?

  7. Toskk says:

    *hehe* No, I’m honored just to have the item in the game. 🙂 I can appreciate the irony of not having a perfectly-itemized item named after me 😉

    Plus, when you get right down to looking at the itemization formulas, we could all probably design better-itemized gear specific to our own class’ mechanics. One of the strengths of WoW is having to deal with an assortment of less-than-perfect items, with (hopefully) choices that aren’t totally obvious. After all, if items were perfectly itemized to begin with, who would need theorycrafting? 😉

  8. Lissanna says:

    Good point. 😉

    I hope all your RL stuff is going well outside of Azeroth!


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