What’s up with 3.3 Resto druids? Changes explained

Okay, so I’ve been doing mini-updates. I don’t expect the patch to hit this week (it would be dumb of them to have patch day & battle.net switch day happen in the same week). However, we’re getting close to release, so I wanted to cover a couple important things for resto druids.

All ranks of Rejuvenation will last 15 seconds (18 with talents). It’s number of ticks for the highest rank is not being nerfed, instead they are buffing the lower ranks to last longer. Yay!

Gift of the Earth Mother & Haste rating

First, while the current haste rating goals for resto druids seem to be about 400 or so for PvE raiding, this number is changing very soon. So, you should be stocking up on your haste gear. Why? They changed how Gift of the Earth mother worked, and basically nerfed it’s effect on rejuvenation & Wild Growth spells by 15% haste. Lifebloom isn’t going to be nerfed in the same way, so that PvP resto druids won’t be as hurt by the change (and won’t need to stack quite as much haste).

Here are the important possible target goals. These all assume you have 5/5 Gift of the Earth Mother:

With raid buffs (wrath of air & moonkin/swift ret auras):

  • With Celestial Focus (3/3): 735 Haste Rating
  • Without Celestial Focus (0/3): 856 Haste Rating

Whether or not to pick up Celestial Focus depends entirely on what talents you think are the most important. My guess is that about half of resto PvE druids will pick it up, and the other half won’t. I’ll work out multiple healing builds for 3.3, and it’s really going to be a personal decision. You have to give up 4 talents worth of GOOD talents from somewhere else in the resto tree to get 3/3 Celestial focus. I’ll cover this decision in my 3.3 healing guide, but I’d be happy to hear other people’s opinions on that talent. Also, keep in mind that the difference between a 1 second cooldown and a 1.1 second cooldown isn’t that much for people who are just healing 5-mans or are starting to get into raiding, so hitting this cap isn’t super important (or even possible) unless you are at the point where you have access to the ToC and Icecrown Citadel raid gear you need to hit that cap in the first place.

Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation

This makes Rejuvenation scale with haste. It means that your rejuvenation will have the same number of ticks over a shorter period of time. For example, right now you have 6 ticks over 18 seconds, with a speed of 3 seconds per tick. If your speed was 2 seconds per tick, your duration for the 6 ticks would now be over 12 seconds. I didn’t think it was going to be that neat until I actually tried it out on the PTR. I think a lot of druids will really like this glyph. However, I’m not sure which glyph I want to give up to get it, since I consider Nourish, Swiftmend, & Wild Growth glyphs to all be pretty mandatory for my healing style. I won’t give up the Nourish glyph, since I need that bonus when I’m tank healing in our 10-man raids. Do you plan on getting the rapid rejuv glyph?

Tranquility cooldown reduced

This is a pretty unimportant change. Arena PvP was changed so that cooldowns of 10 minutes or longer couldn’t be used. Tranquility’s cooldown was reduced to 8 minutes so that druids could still use it in Arena PvP after the change. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have changed it.

Rebirth Cooldown Reduced

We can now combat res people every 10 minutes. Yay! Now, there will be fewer fights where you say “sorry, it’s not up yet!”

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31 comments on “What’s up with 3.3 Resto druids? Changes explained
  1. Swiftmend says:

    Personaly I’m thinking of going 1/3 CF because I don’t want too lose any other tallents of the resto tree. (dropping the 2 points in revitalize)

    Glyph of rapid rejev:
    I think in 10man glyph of WG will get replaced.
    In my case I will replace glyph of LB, eventhough I’m kinda used too it as tank healer.

  2. jornk says:

    I am always raid healing. I will be replacing my current rejuv glyph with the new one. My debate is on when to change it. My haste gear isn’t all that great, and I don’t know if it would help me or hurt me at this point to speed up my rejuv ticks.

    With resto druids becoming more dependent on haste, do you think alot of druids will drop feral dual spec and switch to boomkin? It seems to me that you’ll see a lot of resto druids rolling on what used to be “boomkin gear” with 3.3 Gift of the Earthmother, and more items will be used for both specs.

    I am VERY excited about the Rebirth change. For the longest time, I was the only resto druid in the guild (we just recently started running 25 man content), and it was pretty annoying that I couldn’t rez on every boss attempt after a wipe on progression nights.

  3. Lissanna says:

    Jornk – With the change to haste coming out in 3.3, we’re all going to need to gear more for haste.Since we need to gear more for haste, the glyph is going to be more powerful.

    Also, moonkin hate haste rating right now. The moonkin haste cap is basically 400 or so haste rating. Resto will need DOUBLE that amount. I’m gearing both resto & moonkin right now, and I’m worried that it’s going to be harder to gear for moonkin in 3.3.

    Resto & moonkin gearing will actually be more different in 3.3 than it is right now.

  4. Robert says:

    Do you suppose that a 3.3 restokin, when they’re doing boomkin with their 800 haste healing gear on, will spam starfire and completely ignore eclipse? It’s at least an arguable thought, right?

  5. Craig says:

    I have a question unrelated to your post…I’m sorry for going off-topic, but I’ve been unable to find a decent answer on the intarwehbz, and none of my guild resto druids have the answer!

    Does the Nature’s Grace in the Balance tree affect the GCD? I’m mainly wondering if it will help with Rj/WG/Lb. I’m doing a lot of pvp with my 63 druid, so speed of healing is really important to me.

  6. Hamlet says:

    I know how how much you’ve been following the discussion on EJ, but, a few things I’ve said there:

    1) I think CF will catch on more and more as people do the math comparing it to Living Seed. Unless you cast Nourish/Regrowth a lot (around 50% of the time or more, which would raise other questions in the first place), CF will be better.

    2) You’re vastly underselling the difference between a 1.0s and a 1.1s GCD. That’s a flat 10% loss of raw healing. I don’t think you’d so lightly dismiss a loss of, say, 500 spellpower, but would be of comparable magnitude. Only Druids at top levels of gear will hit the haste cap, but Druids at all levels should be emphasizing haste heavily.

    3) Similarly, Rapid Rejuvenation carries a very heavy cost–it reduces the number of simultaneous targets Rejuv can be ticking on. I’m guessing (based on currently existing encounters) that this will make undesirable at most fights. In-depth discussion here:

  7. Hamlet says:

    “I don’t know”*, that is

  8. Ardol says:

    As someone who heals 5-mans a lot (and thus has Improved Tranquility in his build), I am actually excited for the tranquility change. With talents, the cooldown will go from 4 minutes to 3 minutes and 12 seconds. That makes me a happy tree.

  9. Lissanna says:

    Hamlet – most of the EJ stuff is targeted at the cutting edge of raiding, and the people at the cutting-edge of raiding should generally follow what EJ says to do. I end up having a lot of very new 80s follow my blog because the highest read pages on this blog are my leveling guides. So, for the cutting-edge of raiding, some of the advice is going to be different than fresh 80s wearing blues. I have to target somewhere in the middle.

    When I actually write up the 3.3 healing guide, I’m going to have to make a bunch of different recommendations depending on people’s healing situations. If you never cast nourish, then you never benefit from Nature’s Grace (which WILL drop your GCD down to 1 second) & living seed – in which case you are not benefiting from either NG or Living seed at all. When you do more tank healing (more nourish), you have higher up-time on Nature’s grace (20% haste), and living seed does more healing. So, you may fluctuate between the 1.1 GCD half the time and a 1 second GCD the other half. In theory-land, .1 second is huge – but in actual practice, most people can’t tell the difference, and they aren’t going to have access to the gear that supports dropping the GCD to 1 second consistently (because they’re going to gimp EVERY other stat to get it without access to high-end raid gear).

    What talents & glyphs you want to go with depends on if you are tank healing or raid healing – and what type of content (cutting edge raiding versus intro raiding) and so forth. In the end, it’s up to each person to decide what they want to do.

    Some people will benefit from celestial focus, some people won’t. It entirely depends on a bunch of individual difference factors – which is going to take more than a couple sentences to spell out when 3.3 rolls around.

  10. Hamlet says:

    There is problem whereby Nourish wants Living Seed and Empowered Touch, but not NG, CF, or high haste, while Rejuv wants CF and high haste, but not LS or NG. Importantly though, Regrowth wants NG, CF, and high haste (as well as LS). In addition Regrowth gets a straight 10% buff via GotEM. All in all, I think logical result is that, while raid healing will be primarily done through Rejuv/WG, Regrowth will move up over Nourish as the occasional direct-healing option.

    This makes things every efficient: Rejuv is full-powered with high haste and CF, which is important because it will be a huge percentage of our healing. Regrowth will still benefit from high haste and CF, and will pull additional benefit from NG instead of wasting it. In addition, you don’t need the two points in Empowered Touch. The only downside is not having Living Seed for your Regrowth, but I think a build roughly like this is best you can do:

    Yes, I gear all my discussion towards high-end raiding. But most of it should still apply at any level of 10- or 25-man raids. The haste for example–people at lower gear levels should be trying to build haste just as actively as I am. I have access to the gear that might get me to 856/735 haste for the cap and they don’t sure, but that just makes their gearing problem simpler. The haste is never wrong for them, because they’re in no danger of running up against the GCD cap.

    The breakdown seems straightforward to me. In a raid-healing role (which most people will be in most of the time), you’ll want CF, basically as I described above. If you have to tank heal, then you need to swap to a build with ET, NG, Living Seed, and Glyph of Nourish. The two are slightly more differentiated than they are now, but that doesn’t really complicate things. People might need to respec a bit more often.

  11. Lissanna says:

    Okay Hamlet, I think I can agree with most of that breakdown. We’ll end up with a rejuv-centric raid healing build, and a nourish-centric tank healing build. People can pick some hybrid between the two if there are talents they just can’t let go of. 🙂

  12. Alaron says:

    Glyphs are cheap right now… I already carry around a stack of cat/bear glyphs, looks like I’ll be doing the same for resto.

  13. Lissanna says:

    @Alaron, I’ll probably have to fill bag space with glyphs now, too.

  14. Lath says:

    Very nice summary 🙂

    Hmmmmm with my complete lack of luck in TOGC getting any of the leather spell caster gear to drop, I think (at least at the beginning of 3.3) I’m going to get 3 points in Celestial Focus. I need to still pick up another 200 haste and I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to manage that which is a bit demoralizing.

    I really want to try out rapid rejuvenation as a glyph but am very happy with my WG, Swiftmend & Nourish combo so will probably keep my second spec as resto for a while longer. Currently my offspec is a bizarre spec pciking up and removing talents that I think assist with Algalon/Faction Champions/Anub’arak fights. I think I might switch it up a bit more come Icecrown and try out the new glyph! Glyphs aren’t that cheap on Barthilas so would prefer not to have to respec it every few fights /sadface.

  15. Matthew says:


    I’m a PvP resto tree. I heal raids up to Ony-level difficulty, but my main talents are pvp based. I also use my moonkin gear which is currently haste-gemmed (I LOVE HASTE) to heal in. (I don’t have time to dual collect tier stuff, etc. Not cuz I don’t think it’s not important, I just have to set limits).

    Having said that, for me, the question is do I give up glyph of rejuv (health <50% = big buff to rejuv) for rapid haste. The problem is, pvp gear is not haste friendly, so unless I pvp'd in my tier 8/9 gear, there's be no reason to do it.

    Thanks for a great article. I shudder at trying to increase my haste by that much more. This comes at the time I'm trying to ungem haste on my moonkin gear so I have better DPS. I WANT THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!! 🙂

    Thank you for your educational post.

    Your friendly neighborhood Druid

  16. Yana says:

    I play in a 10man Strict Progression guild and I have already moved to an 18/0/53 spec. 10man healing is a very different beast from 25man, particularly when you are one of just two healers.

    I will definitely be picking up the Rapid Rejuv glyph. I currently run with Nourish, Swiftmend and Innervate glyphs. For 2healer 10mans I really feel these are the strongest tools. I haven’t had Wild Growth glyphed for ages (it’s hard enough to get it to hit five people in 10man fight, let alone six). I’ll be keeping the Nourish glyph for it’s utility on tank healing and giving up the Swiftmend glyph for RR.

  17. Tals says:

    As Hamlet and Lissanna have hashed out, for the greatest healing efficiency, two specs will be necesarry: one for tank healing (without CF) and one for raid healing (with CF). So, I think if you’re going to have two resto builds, I would drop the WG glyph for the new rejuv glyph in the tank healing build.

    As I see it, the new Rejuv glyph is better for tank healing, in most cases. When you’re raid healing in 25 man content, keeping many people rejuved at certain points in a fight is important. So, having the rejuv end early (because of the glyph) is not advisable. Whereas, in tank healing, keeping many people hot’d isn’t as big an issue, as you’d simply have to refresh rejuv on the tanks more often.

    Did that make sense? Any thoughts?

  18. Hamlet says:

    Rapid Rejuv will be a no-brainer in 10-man raids. It’s an enormous buff in that situation.

  19. Lissanna says:

    For 10-mans, I would personally go with nourish, swiftmend, & rapid rejuv… but each person is going to put different priority on things. That’s the great part about having options.

  20. Averna says:

    Thanks for this round up, Lissanna. I’m just getting back into the game, and posts like this help me get caught up and not be overwhelmed =P

  21. Bhalu says:

    With 3.3 I’ll use the following build (including glyphs):


    This is possibly the best raid healing combination (maybe switch swiftment with rejuvenation glyph).
    My spell power is enough (~4.2k raidbuffed) to compensate missing talents/glyph for improved Nourish and I’m not using Nourish too often in a 25man.

  22. Kitirat says:

    Well this seems to be about the biggest nerf in a while. Now we have to go change gear over to boomkin gear and forgo spirit to hit the haste cap! So now we have to gear like DPS casters to heal effectively at the high end?

    I have two pieces of boomkin gear on my restro and my haste rating is 547. If I “upgrade” one of them (legs and head) to get the 4 piece bonus I’ll lose like 100 haste! Why the hell make a change to force us to use a stat which is on almost NONE of our gear??? Why? Seems pointless and is extremely irritating.

    Ok so after the huge 3.3 nerf, should I focus on boomkin gear and not go for set bonuses anymore?
    P.S.: (dropping down to 15 seconds on rejuv is nasty too cause now I have less of them up at a time, especially post nerf on my speed.)

  23. Clutch says:

    Once again Blizz nerfed pvp wild growth spec. we get haste Woop woop but when a dk and warrior sit on u in 3s when are u gona get to cast. The fact that they allow tranquility in arenas is a joke in itself since when will you ever get the full cast off? plus priest hymn of hope got reduced to 8 minutes so now they will still b able to use it arenas and use it more often GG blizz

  24. Hellomynameis says:

    Hi, I was just wondering how if 1% haste is still 32.79 haste rating, and how the math is. I just did a test on live realms with Gift of the Earthmother and Celestial Focus, but without Wrath of Air Totem(5%) or Improved Moonkin Form/Swift Retribution(3%).
    These are my results:
    623 haste rating = 1.001sec GCD on Lifebloom, and 1.112sec GCD on the rest.
    633 haste rating = 1sec GCD on Lifebloom, and 1.109sec GCD on the rest.
    1053 haste rating = 1.002sec GCD on all spells(except lifebloom ofc).
    1058 haste rating = 1sec GCD on all spells.
    So, haste cap on all spells is 1053-1058, but on lifebloom its 623-633 with Gift of the Earthmother and Celestial Focus.

    I used a macro to get GCD:

    /cast Thorns
    /script local start, duration, enable = GetActionCooldown(4);DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(duration);

    I dont get how I can use 1% haste = 32.79 haste rating to get these results to match the math. Can anyone help me grasp the math, or if its changed in 3.3, tell me that I’m not crazy? 🙂

  25. Hellomynameis says:

    haste cap with 3% + 10% = 1063 haste rating
    haste cap with 3% + 10% + 10%(lifebloom) = 668 haste rating

    Testing on live realm 3.3patch:
    haste cap with 3% + 10% = 1053-1058 haste rating
    haste cap with 3% + 10% + 10%(lifebloom) = 623-633 haste rating

    So..testing shows me its 623-633 thats lifeblooms hastecap with Gift of the Earthmother and Celestial Focus, but theoreticly its 668.. somewhere something is wrong.

  26. Conifer says:

    Knowing Blizzard uses some bizarre equations, I’m wondering how haste and the GCD are actually equated.

    IE: Base haste x (GotEM + CF + SRA + WoAT) = haste or if it is ((((Base haste X GoTEM) x CF) X SRA) X WoAT) = haste.

    Just these two would result in different numbers.

  27. Sanafana says:

    OK so that With Celestial Focus (3/3): 735 Haste Rating
    Without Celestial Focus (0/3): 856 Haste Rating
    didnt quite get it sorry xD

  28. Sanafana says:

    so that With Celestial Focus (3/3): 735 Haste Rating
    Without Celestial Focus (0/3): 856 Haste Rating
    its for pvp or pve? didnt get it.

    ) sorry for the last reply ) its 6.00 am

  29. Lissanna says:

    Those are the caps for haste if you have raid-buffs. The caps change depending on what buffs you have: http://elitistjerks.com/f73/t37578-restoration_itemization/

  30. Klaas of Cho'gall says:

    A good resto druid will keep a stack of both glyphs; Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation and Glyph of Rejuvenation. On fights like Festergut where the whole raid is taking AoE damage, Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation will work best. On fights like Blood Queen, Glyph of Rejuvenation will be the more dominant choice due to the majority of the time people will get dropped below 50% health due to Blood Link and her fear+fire bomb she does.

  31. animas says:

    regarding to the rapid rej.
    u can always switch glyphs. It depends on the encounter.
    when we dont have in our progress holy paladin the nourish’s glyph can be very usefull cuz i oftenly need to heal the tank. Furthermore, i think in 10 man raid u dont need the wg glyph. The reson of that is cuz most of the fights the players have to spread and i think that in the good times the wg will get to 5 players. Thus, the best combo glyphs is swiftmend-rapid rej-nourish(for 10 main raid)


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