3.3 – new dungeon & raid tool (and more!)

Before I start posting my new healing guide, I wanted to briefly go over how you will find PUGs starting today.

I ALSO wanted to point out that I talked earlier about leveling improvements for very low level players. (I start working on patch day stuff long before patch day!).

The new LFG tool:

I did a whole explanatory post a while back (with pictures!) about how the 5-man group LFG feature was going to work. I went over how the new loot system worked, along with some of the other features. You can find that post here.

There is also a new Looking for Raid tool, which I haven’t posted about yet before.If you open up your raid tab, there’s a button there that lets you use the new feature. It’s not the same menu as looking for 5-man groups anymore.


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2 comments on “3.3 – new dungeon & raid tool (and more!)
  1. aramis says:

    I tried the new dungeon finder to do the daily random and my first heroic was Occ…. FAIL. LOL!

    Nerfs or no, the instance is still my LEAST favorite of all Northrend dungeons. But as a healer, my queues for that and subsequent runs were relatively quick. I got a ton of badges in a just a handful of hours.

  2. hayden says:

    thanks for telling us straight forward how to get to the looking for raid tool. i could not find this information anywhere else. As a fresh 80 it’ll be a few heroics before i stand a chance in anything but its nice to know how to get there.


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