Druid Healer Survey results (part 1)

I had 132 responses to my druid healer survey that I posted on the WoW druid forums. The survey & answers can be found here. I collected data from Nov 27 thru December 1st. I got a good sample of people using various playstyles, and I have enough data now to show clear trends in what people are reporting. There may be typos, if there are forgive me. This was actually a lot harder to analyze than I thought it would be.

I wanted to start out with descriptive info about the first five questions, which ask about content people heal in and what their playstyles are. People could choose more than one response, so I had to make some choices about how to classify people from time to time. There is a lot richer information in the people’s individual responses than I can really capture in an analysis like this. There is an incredible amount of variability in the way that people heal. Also, one interesting thing to note is that the majority of my responses are from people who expect to raid Icecrown Citadel in 25-player mode after 3.3 comes out – which means the sample is somewhat biased. However, since I wanted to target people who read the WoW forums, I’m not surprised by this. I will post the rest of the data in the next couple days.

Question 1 & 2 (type of content & what raid dungeons): # of responses.

Question 1 = The type of content you expect to heal after patch 3.3 hits:

Question 2 = If you plan to raid 10 and/or 25-man raids after patch 3.3, which raid dungeon do you expect to raid most often:

Only 3 responders chose only 25-man, so they were included with the 10 & 25 responses.

  • 10 & 25-man raids – Icecrown Citadel = 67
  • 10 & 25-man raids – ToC & Icecrown = 20
  • 10 & 25-man raids – Naxx, Uld, and/or ToC = 5
  • mostly 10-man raids – Icecrown Citadel = 17
  • mostly 10-man raids – Naxx, Uld, and/or ToC = 9
  • mostly 5-man instances – some Icecrown Citadel = 3
  • mostly 5-man instances – no raid, or only Naxx, Uld, ToC = 11

Q3 – General Healing Style (5-man data not included): When healing in a raid, do you usually:

Responses for 10/25 raiders:

  • HOT tank & raid heal = 65
  • Both tank & raid heal = 24
  • mostly tank = 2

Responses For 10-man (only):

  • HOT tank & raid heal = 17
  • Both tank & raid heal = 8
  • Tank heal = 1

Q4 – Most Used Spells: What heal do you use the most? (if you use healing meters, this would be the heal that makes up the greatest % of your healing done – can choose more than 1) People chose between 1 and 3 spells for this response.

10/25 raiders: Rejuvenation was overwhelmingly the most common response.

  • included Rejuvenation = 92
  • w/out rejuvenation = 4
  • For the 4 people who didn’t include rejuvenation, their responses were: lifebloom (2 responses), Wild growth (1 response), both regrowth & wild growth (1 response)

Responses for other spells, for the 10/25 raiders (In their top 1 to 3 spells listed):

  • Wild growth = 32
  • Nourish = 18
  • Lifebloom = 8
  • regrowth = 5
  • HT = 0

10-man & 5-man player responses (combined): Rejuvenation was still the big winner, but more people were likely to choose other responses besides rejuv as their most used spell.

  • included Rejuvenation = 34
  • w/out rejuvenation = 6
  • For those 6 that didn’t include rejuvenation, their responses were: regrowth (2 players), Wild Growth (2 players), nourish (1 player), both regrowth & nourish (1 player)

Responses for other spells, for 10-man players (In their top 1 to 3 spells):

  • Wild growth = 12
  • Nourish = 12
  • Lifebloom = 10
  • Regrowth = 5
  • HT = 0

Q5 – Least Used spell: What heal do you use the least?

These responses are for all players, since there wasn’t enough variability in responses to split them. The overwhelmingly most common response was Healing Touch. This data includes between 1 and 2 responses.

  • Responses With HT: 127
  • Responses without HT: 5

Other responses included in bottom 1 to 2 least used spells:

  • Lifebloom: 12
  • Nourish: 9
  • Regrowth: 7
  • Tranquility: 5 (written in, wasn’t originally a response option)
  • Wild Growth: 1 (who was a 5/10-man tank healer)
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9 comments on “Druid Healer Survey results (part 1)
  1. Robert says:

    I forgot that Tranquility existed.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Robert, I didn’t include tranquility because I wanted to see if people were using HT or not, and if I put it in, I was afraid that everyone would pick it instead, lol.

  3. Kae says:

    Something that would interest me for the ten-mans (I know, too late to add this into the survey!) was to see how many healers each group of 10-man raiders was expecting to run with. I guarantee there is a healing style difference between those that run with only 2 healers and those that run with 3 for the entire instance, assuming similar gear level… with three healers, two can focus on tanks and one can just “raid heal.” With only two healers, no such luxury 🙂

    Re: Tranquility, I was a write-in 😉

  4. Kawil says:

    Just a small request, would you mind including the question you asked before giving the answer for part 2? I had a hard time following your data even after flipping back and forth between the survey and your responses.

    Otherwise great survey!

  5. Potluck says:

    Tranquility was a crutch for me in H ToC (5), the final phase of the last encounter. Barkskin + Tranquility ftw.

  6. Lissanna says:

    Part 2 has to wait until Friday or Saturday to be released. I got slammed with actual school-related work, along with tonight being a raid night, so I don’t have the couple hours tonight that it will take to finish off writing my second post.

  7. Tatia says:

    I’ve actually started using Tranquility more now. Since I never use it, I have stopped “saving” it for those “oh shit” times.

  8. Ardol says:

    “I forgot that Tranquility existed.”

    As someone who runs mostly five-mans, I use it a lot. Truth be told, I sometimes forget that Healing Touch exists, and when I use Nature’s Swiftness, I sometimes end up using Regrowth instead.

  9. aramis says:

    Aw, this is what I miss after two weeks of no net…I didn’t get to do the survey! 🙁

    Interesting read though. I myself have been relegated to 5/10mans of late because I just joined a new guild that is trying to build up to 25 mans and we’re just not there yet…only stepped into 25TOC the other day for the first time…did great until the twins….EFF those biotches! Hehe…

    Ah well….here’s to the new IC dungeons….by the way, I still haven’t read but do you need to be phased into Icecrown to do them? My druid has all the IC quests done, but my alts haven’t even started…


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