Druid Healer survey results (part 2 of 2)

Okay, so part 1 described what kind of players responded to my survey & how they heal currently (more people who played both 10 & 25-man raids. Other people played mostly 10-mans, or mostly 5-mans). Most raiders responding to my survey were planning on getting into Icecrown Citadel. The most common healing style was putting HOTs on the tank while raid healing. Rejuvenation was the big winner for most used spell. Healing Touch was the least used spell. However, what I tried to highlight in my first post was the amount of variability there was – lots of people had lots of different responses, and there wasn’t one “correct” pattern that evolved. People use more than one spell to heal. They have interesting and unique approaches, even if they converge into common styles.

So, now I’m ready to move onto the next set of data. For all these results, I split up the people who responded that they did both 10/25 mans, and the people who do just 10’s were combined with the 5’s.

So, we’re on Q 6 (rapid rejuvenation glyph): Do you plan on using the glyph of rapid rejuvenation in 3.3?

For players raiding 10 & 25-man content, # of people for each responses for using the glyph:

  • Not sure = 35 players
  • Sometimes (swap in & out with other glyphs) = 31
  • Yes = 22
  • No =4

For players raiding 5 or 10-mans, for using the glyph:

  • Not sure = 15 players
  • Yes = 9
  • Sometimes (swapping) = 7
  • No = 7

Q 7 (Celestial Focus talent): Do you plan on putting talent points in Celestial focus (from the balance tree) to increase your haste in patch 3.3?

Responses for 10/25-man raiders:

  • Yes = 41 (6 of these said something like “yes until haste capped from gear”)
  • Not sure = 40
  • No = 12

Responses for 5-mans or 10-man raiders:

  • No = 16
  • Yes = 12
  • Not sure = 12

Q8 (future gear) = What gear set(s) do you hope you will acquire after patch 3.3 comes out? Responses are for at least 2 pieces of that set.

Responses for 10/25-man raiders:

  • Tier 10 = 71 players
  • both Tier 9 & 10 = 9
  • Tier 8 or 9 = 6
  • Not sure = 5

Responses for 5-man and 10-man:

  • Tier 10 = 20
  • Not sure = 9
  • Tier 8 & 9 = 6
  • Tier 9 & 10 = 5

Q9 (playstyle changes): Do you expect your healing style to change in patch 3.3?

Responses for 10/25-man:

  • No = 52
  • Not sure = 26
  • Yes = 15

Responses for 5-man or 10-man:

  • No = 24
  • Not sure = 11
  • Yes = 5

The most common expected change in healing style is a focus on Regrowth being better with the haste changes after the patch. Some people are also concerned about an increase in their global cooldown time for HOTs, since they don’t plan on being haste-capped when 3.3 goes live.

CONCLUSIONS: There is a lot of uncertainty about whether or not to pick up the new glyph, or what their spec should be (should they get celestial focus or not?). When I write my healing guide for 3.3, I plan to address these two topics (and more!). I’ve talked a little bit about these issues in previous posts here at restokin: I have an early talent preview, along with a discussion of what the changes are for 3.3, I even posted a while back about my testing the glyph of rapid rejuvenation on the PTR. I’m really excited and looking forward to watching how the druid healing community grows to adapt to these new changes, and I am really excited to see if new healing styles evolve as we learn to use our new glyph tool! I can’t wait until patch time, and I plan to prepare myself over the weekend to release new restokin healing guide content on patch day!

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5 comments on “Druid Healer survey results (part 2 of 2)
  1. Keldara says:

    It’d be interesting to know from the people who said Yes to the RR question, what glyph they are intending to drop for it.

    Personally, I’m sitting on the Swiftmend, Wild Growth and Nourish ones running both 10 and 25 man, only the former on heroic mode, and I’m having a bang of an issue trying to decide which glyph will be worth dropping. For 10 man, I’m considering swapping out WG as tanks will be taking more steady damage in ICC and Nourish seems to be more worthwhile than WG hitting *one* extra target (assuming six people are actually in range of it, which rarely is the case in my experience in a 10 man.) Obviously depends on if the encounter deals with heavy raid damage or not (Hi Twins!), but in the general gist of things.

    For 25 man, I’m stumped: RR? Nourish? WG? Raid damage? Tank damage? Raid healing? Tank healing? And so on.

    I’m feeling more and more forced to go into a CF spec come 3.3. As it is now I don’t feel Nature’s Grace is worth speccing into due to what I’ll sacrifice in the resto tree, let alone CF and having to move 7 points to get it. What to give up? At this rate we’ll have no free points to put where desired on a personal basis, skewed slightly if primarily tank focused or not.

    I’m beginning to feel as though I need a resto 10 man spec, resto 25 man spec and a resto tank healing spec (not to mention forced into a arena spec by my BF).

    Add to that carrying with me 10 of each RR, Nourish and WG glyphs, and possibly the Rejuvenation one (I don’t do this now, due to Valkyr Twins being the only fight where I’d consider dropping the Nourish glyph for Rejuvenation were we ever to go two-healing it on heroic).

    So many things to consider and weigh against one another.

  2. Lissanna says:

    There are some people who do both 10 & 25-man raids that wrote that they are planning to have two resto specs. The rapid rejuv glyph is better for 10’s than it is for 25’s, so I plan to use the “swapping” method, where I use the WG one for 25’s and the RR one for 10’s.

    It is really hard to figure out the best thing to do. That’s why a lot of people still aren’t sure.

  3. Keldara says:

    Aye, that seems to be the most viable trick — swapping out RR and WG depending on if doing 10 or 25-man.

    As for talents, I do have 5/5 Tranquil Spirit for the decreased cost on Nourish. I’ve had it since starting out in heroics, when it was noticeable and useful. Now, I’m not so sure it’s worth the five points. Thoughts in the back of my mind tell me I need it for that “just in case” moment (that never seem to happen). I suspect I need to do some number crunching on Nourish’s mana cost. I may be overvaluing its actual value point by point.

  4. Praen says:

    First of all, i wanna thank you for the survey which u conducted, it’s a really nice tool to see healer druid habits in general. But, i have some doubts or we can say some questions regarding the question for “future gear”. Although many ppl responded for using t10 set in ICC, i’m not sure whether they properly compared t10 and t9 set bonuses. In terms of item respect, ofc t10 set pieces will surpass t9 set pieces, but set bonuses should be analyzed closely. For instance, what’ll be the actual effect of 2 pc bonus of t10 set on druid healing? (especially while mmo-champion and wowhead says “30% less over time” not “0%”. When we consider WG healing, only first one or two ticks; three at most, heal effectively and the rest goes to overheal since especially if u have 6 healers in ur raid.

    Is there any simulation craft like study to see the numbers of healing affected by t10 and t19 set bonuses respectively?

    N.B: English is not my mother tongue, so pls forgive me if i made a mistake while trying to express my thoughts 🙂

  5. Lissanna says:

    The responses to the multiple choice gear question were framed as: “At least 2 pieces of Tier 9,” “At least 2 pieces of Tier 10”. So, not all the T10 responses plan on wearing 4-pieces of it.


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