Glyph of rapid rejuv does NOT buff swiftmend

I’ve seen a few posts about how they think swifmend should be healing for more. However, this seems to stem from a lack of understanding of what swiftmend actually does, along with how that doesn’t interact with the glyph of rapid rejuvenation.

  • Here is swiftmend: Consumes a Rejuvenation or Regrowth effect on a friendly target to instantly heal them an amount equal to 12 sec. of Rejuvenation or 18 sec. of Regrowth.

People seem to think that if you have more ticks in that 12 or 18 seconds that swiftmend would heal for more. HOWEVER, that’s not what is happening. Swiftmend is only healing for the same number of ticks with and without the glyph. Basically, swiftmend takes the # of ticks before your rapid rejuv glyph is factored in, and ignores that glyph completely.

  • How swiftmend should read now (but doesn’t): Consumes a Rejuvenation or Regrowth effect on a friendly target to instantly heal them an amount equal to 4 ticks of Rejuvenation or 6 ticks of Regrowth.

That’s right. Regardless of if you have the glyph or not, it’s only healing for X number of ticks, rather than factoring in any other variables.I believe this to be “working as intended”, as it would be way too difficult to factor in scaling haste with how much swiftmend healed for.

Yes, I know this sounds obvious to most people, however, I felt the need to post it. 🙂

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7 comments on “Glyph of rapid rejuv does NOT buff swiftmend
  1. Maaya says:

    I thought Rapid Rejuv shortens the number of ticks, and as a result shortens the whole duration, doesn’t it? If you get more ticks from Rejuv by using the glyph, then it sounds like a very good glyph for all healing druids to get.

  2. Droodyboy says:

    The glyph doesn’t change the number of ticks! Rejuv will still heal for the same amount only it’ll happen quicker.

    My rejuv ticks are still at approx 2k per tick and i still get 6 ticks only it happens over 12 seconds rather than 18. 1 tick per 2 secs

    So Swiftmend should be changed coz i’m not getting the same as 12 seconds of RJ. That would be 12k normal swiftmend. i’m still only seeing 8-9k and 12k crits.

    Possibly the 12 secs is taken from the base spell. so before talent, glyph and haste is worked out.

    This would explain the actual numbers being produced.

    The Spell Description should be changed to reflect this if it is the case.

  3. Lissanna says:

    It shortens time between ticks, so the glyph is fine. It’s just that it has no effect on swiftmend.

    Swiftmend just isn’t designed to take the rapid rejuv glyph into consideration. That’s why I wrote this post. It’s behaving like how I wrote it is, IE. taking X number of ticks, rather than X seconds.

  4. Droodyboy says:

    I agree. It is working how you said.

    Either the description needs to be changed or (we can all hope on this one) they change Swiftmend to heal the same amount as a full spell of RJ or RG.

    Would it be OP if instead of it was the full spell amount?

    Would it make any difference as to how it’s used?

  5. Lissanna says:

    If they are intending for HOTs to scale with haste, they should change swiftmend’s tooltip.

  6. I never occurred to me that it would buff it, but I guess I can see where people might have got that idea.

  7. Falenone says:

    tbh i dont like glyph at all
    with it rejuven ticks aprox. every 2 sec
    it leaves us with too little time for anything else, even in 10man
    think im definitly gona avoid this one


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