Haste weapons for resto druids

Okay, so one of the best ways to get to the raiding haste cap for resto druids is to pick up a staff that has a big chunk of haste on it. These types of weapons are good for all resto druids, and everyone should either be getting a staff with haste, or a main hand + off-hand haste combo. Since staves are a lot easier to attain than haste off-hands, I’m going to focus on staves in this loot list. I’d recommend avoiding crit weapons, since crit weapons will likely make it a lot harder to get haste-capped otherwise (getting 100 to 150 haste on a weapon is really helpful!). So, pass all those crit weapons to the other members of your raid, or take ’em only for your moonkin off-sets once you can get something better.

Here are the haste weapon options for resto druids:

ICC Staves:

There will be an off-hand/main hand pairing that will be good, but it’s not yet available, either. In the 25-man, there are haste off-hands that drops off Sindragosa & Blood Princess. When those are available, then MH/OH pairings become an option. Until then, it’s going to be hard to get haste-capped without a haste staff.

ToC Staves:

Ulduar staff: (only 1 worthwhile there)

5-man Weapons:

  • There is one off-hand with haste from the ICC Heroic 5-man: Shriveled Heart – Halls of Reflection Heroic. If you are going for a MH/OH combo right now, you should go for this off-hand.
  • Unspeakable Secret: Pit of Saron Normal.

NOTE: Item level & spell power still matters. You shouldn’t be downgrading from an ilevel 245 weapon to a 200 weapon just for haste. The hope is that you go up (or side-grade) on the item-level of your weapon (and all your gear) to attain the haste, and just lose out on crit.

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10 comments on “Haste weapons for resto druids
  1. Mushoo says:

    i just got http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=50793 the other day out of 10 man, paired with the shriveled heart for almost 100 haste, might be another option.

  2. Backrubs says:

    What would you say about digging a little…lower, as it were? Are either of the iLevel 219 haste weapons worth going for? I used to rock the dagger from H ToC forever, and I’m thinking of side-grading to the mace in reg Halls of reflection. Paired with the heart, are they a decent choice? Or are they just too low level to worry about?


  3. Lissanna says:

    Rubs – it depends on what the rest of your gear looks like. Just use your best judgment.

    The mace from regular Halls of Reflection only has 37 haste on it, so it’s only a “drop in the bucket”, especially if the item level is a lot lower than what you already have. If you are going to lose a couple hundred spell power for 40 haste, I’d recommend against that. The off-hand would be worthwhile, though, at 50 haste rating – compared to whatever off-hand you have now (since it’s a 232 ilevel item). I put up the 5-man staff just because I have a lot of druids who are fresh 80s who read my blog (thus not having access to raid gear).

    Running 10-man ToC for either a 1-hand or a staff with haste will be better than running a normal-mode 5-man.

  4. Backrubs says:

    The “drop” in the bucket is a very good point. I’ll need to keep in mind that Haste is the dream stat, but not at the cost off a lot of “back-seat” stats like crit and spell power. Thanks


  5. Lath says:

    I really hate staves and have managed to avoid equipping one all expansion so far.

    I think with ICC I’m going to have to break the trend and am looking at getting my hands on Mag’Hari Chieftan’s Staff from heroic 10 man.

  6. scaresome says:

    I’ve been eyeing the staff from the final boss in the Pit of Saron five man heroic.
    The Engraved Gargoyle Femur has 86 haste and I think will be better than my Surgeons Needle and (soon, I hope) Shriveled Heart.

  7. Bith says:

    I have been going for Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff since day 1 and I still have my sights set on it.

    *rubs hands together* It shall be mine. Better than my Enlightenment, for sure.

  8. Aeiedil says:

    I was actually lucky enough to save the Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff from the sharding pile. Noone else actually wanted it so I took it because I thought it looked pretty.

    I actually use it in my main spec and offspec gear list now though.

  9. Maaya says:

    I was one of those fresh 80s when 3.3 went live. I got both the Blood Boil Lancet http://www.wowhead.com/?item=49790 and the Unspeakable. In the end I used the Lancet, as I really wanted that spirit for regen. My regen was terrible with a mix of gear of all kinds. I wonder if fresh 80s should be going for haste cap that soon.

    Then when I finally got rid of all my blue gear and have the room to drop regen for other stats, I got the Engraved Gargoyle Femur http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50273 from heroic Pit of Saron (I was the only caster there). Due to the huge difference in item level, I opted to use the Gargoyle Femur for my resto set. Never really analyzed the numbers, though.

  10. whisperhoof says:


    A boomkin in my guild just outrolled me on the Mag’hari. I’m so annoyed. It may have been an upgrade for him, but it’s not a properly itemized moonkin weapon and he has lots of other options! And my raid leader didn’t say a word.

    I wish more raiders would actually pay attention to proper itemization instead of just iLevel and spellpower (or the stat of choice based on class). Ret paladins rolling on Armour Pen gear make my Arms warrior buddy froth as much as I am over losing this staff.


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