Icecrown Citadel: First impressions

Conspiracy got down the first three bosses in Icecrown Citadel this week. Since we only spend 2 days on 25-mans, and Wednesday was really hard because of multiple healer DC problems, we had a slightly shorter raid week than we were expecting. I also got to go moonkin most of the time, since we had several healers come back to raid with us this week.

We did, however, manage to beat the first three encounters.

Lord Marrowar – Is actually pretty easy if your raid group has a little situational awareness. I did, however, find it particularly funny when my moonkin got impaled on a spike. I even forgot to take a kill picture on this one. Sorry Conspiracy!

Lady Deathwhisper – We struggled with finding a good strategy that would get us to phase 2 without having the tanks get overwhelmed with adds. I think this was the only real challenge we faced so far in the instance. We hit the 10 minute enrage timer a couple times before we figured out something that worked well for us. This is also the fight where raid members DC’d the most, both on Tuesday AND Wednesday. I’m starting to think there’s something about that room that causes people to get disconnected, though I don’t have any real proof of it. Also, this is a fight where moonkin DPS really shines. You pretty much get to stand & nuke with very little movement (though you do have to move out of goop).

Gunship Battle – Super fun & interesting. We wasted an aweful lot of time playing with our rocket bares! We did beat the encounter, however half our raid got stuck on the enemy ship, while half of us were on our ship, and there was much confusion at the end of the fight. Fortunately, our raid’s Master Looter still had access to the loot chest. OH and one more thing. The rocket packs need to stop shifting druids out of moonkin, cat, & tree form. If you have druids on the assault team, it’s really annoying for them to have to keep switching back into their form.

We didn’t have time to try out the Saurfang, but I hear that he’s also pretty challenging. I have my typhoon all unglyphed and ready to go kite!

Overall, we had a lot of fun with this new content, and I can’t wait to see more of it!

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5 comments on “Icecrown Citadel: First impressions
  1. Galashin says:

    At least in 10s, Saurfang is along the lines of najentus/winterchill: free loot for getting to him. Taunt on tank debuff application, adds which are picked up by whichever tank isn’t busy (the +300% damage didn’t really matter), an anub-style randomly targeted dot, and a Moroes-style DoT applied on people as the fight progresses.

    It’s an interesting mechanic, but (again, at least in 10) he died (first attempt, no knowledge of the fight) having applied the dot to only a single person, and only ~60% of the way toward applying a second. Mostly 10man gear.

    Good luck.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Nice! We just ran out of time on the 25-man run to be able to get to it, mostly driven by the disconnection wipes & calling the raid early on Wednesday. We’ll have it down next week, for sure. Most of the strategy guides say to kite the adds, but that should be easy enough with a couple hunter slowing traps & some moonkin typhoons!

  3. Maaya says:

    Our guild only just have enough people to try the ten-man and downed two bosses last night. Although I didn’t qualify for the run. They wanted full 232s except trinkets. 🙁

    Anyway, I’ve also been experiencing very frequent disconnects. Looks like the usual UI problems that just happen every patch. Maybe you could suggest that your raid members take out all but the necessary raiding tools? Things like Auctioneer, QuestHelper, LightHeaded, Cartographer, trade-skill related stuff, etc.

  4. Lissanna says:

    I never raid with anything besides essential raid stuff, but even the internet connection is more strained around patch days for strange reasons.

  5. Jindjur says:

    Zomg! Boner-boomkin!


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