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So, I spent most of yesterday listening to Mike Schramm play his Rockband 2 Endless Setlist for Child’s Play Charities. As part of that event, I donated a blog interview, to make sure we could hit the $100 goal to get Mikeschramm to play on camera. It was worth it, especially since we also got him to sing a song later in the night by meeting the $200 goal (Stomp recorded it). Mike Schramm’s event ended up earning a total of $375, even though he got stuck at the end and couldn’t squeek out the last few songs on Expert mode.

NOTE: If patch 3.3 hits tomorrow, I’m ready to go with my brand new healing guide, and I’ll have all the 3.3 patch resources that my readers have grown to expect from me. Now onto the interview!

1. What is your main character’s name, class and realm?

Theophanes, Tauren Druid of the Drak’Thul Realm

2. What is your favorite part of WoW?

My favorite part of WoW has always been raiding. I have done a very large amount of leveling in my time and have always been driven to level quickly at the thought of end-game. I will always raid anything I am eligible for.

3. How long have you been playing WoW?

I have been playing WoW for a bit over 4 years now. My best friend introduced me into the game and I have been hooked ever since. My first character was a hunter which is currently stuck at level 43. I leveled him up by mostly grinding and instances because, when I first started playing, I didn’t quite understand a whole lot about quests. Needless to say, I rerolled a new hunter after a break from the game and he was my first level 70 character. Now I have 5 high-level characters including my druid.

4. I hear your two specs are tanking and healing. Why did you choose those two specs?

Well, I originally rolled a druid because I wanted to heal. However, I leveled my druid as a cat because it was so much faster to do than attempting to level as a tree. Once I got to the level cap, which was 70 at the time, I had already collected a fair amount of bear tank gear as I had started tanking instances to be able to get into groups. I believe it was no longer than 2-3 hours after I had hit 70 that I was asked to off-tank a guild Karazhan run. From then on, I was essentially one of the lead tanks for my guild, tanking through Kara, Gruuls Lair, Mag, etc. etc. I never really had a chance to heal much but I was collecting gear here and there that people did not need to set myself to heal when it was needed. Anyway, healing is what I like to do but tanking is what I am best at doing.

5. Is it hard to keep up both a healing and tanking set, since the two sets don’t share gear at all?

Well, I have found that my tank set has held up really well through all of the major patches as I managed to get 4 pieces of T7.5 within about 2 weeks of hitting level 80. This was far before dual-spec came out and I had originally intended to just be a tank because it is what I am best at but all through the end-game, I continued to collect a piece here and there for my healing spec in the event I was needed for my guild. Well, by the time they introduced dual-spec I had pretty much a full set of epic healing gear to match my tank set. Then I joined a “hardcore” raiding guild and was raiding as a tree and collecting tons of pieces from Ulduar and the such. So, I would say that it wasn’t too hard to keep up with the sets as I usually only have to tank in heroic instances and quick raids like OS or VOA. Usually you will find me healing and gathering gear for that. Unofficially, I do have 4 full sets of epic gear in my bank. I would say I probably have about 12-15 different weapons total to go with all the specs as well. I also have full Tier 1, which I love to wear.

6. Do you have any advice for people who are new to playing the druid class?

The best advice I could possibly give is to be sure that you take advantage of each spec available at least once. You never know how much fun it can be to play a giant owl if you never try it out. Also, at lower levels, its always easy to get groups if you are boomkin if you are willing to heal. This also works the other way, be willing to tank a low level instance if you are a kitty. It will give you an idea of what other players do in the game and what your druid is truly capable of.

7. What change or new content are you most excited about in the 3.3 patch?

I am terribly excited about the new instances and raid. As I said before, I love end-game and being able to do even more of it excites me to no end. I am personally going to go into all 3 of these new instances totally fresh. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t move over to the PTR because I want to be completely new to the instances when I walk in. I have heard and read tons about them but once I get to see them, its a whole new ballgame. I am also extremely excited about the cross-realm dungeon finder system that is finally being introduced so I can be sure that all of my characters are able to get into the instances they need. Sometimes when you have pure dps characters, its tough to get into an instance on my realm. This will be a significant change to the way a lot of people are able to play the game we all love so much.

8. I hear you have a new podcast you are starting, called slashONE. What’s it all about?

That’s correct. I am currently still in the production stage but I hope to have it out this next week with patch 3.3. As the name hints, this podcast will essentially be WoW general chat. It should cover tons of stuff from changes in the game to achievements and everything else. I am hoping that people will enjoy listening to it as I have put in a lot of time to make it the best I can. We would love to hear from people at [email protected] or follow us on twitter at

Please take the time to donate to Azeroth United for the amazing charity Child’s Play. ANY donation, no matter how big of small, will help make the difference in a child’s life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your blog. I hope patch 3.3 finds you and all well.

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