Leveling a druid: PvP from 10 to 19

So, Malchome/Lavata has been leveling up another alt. After getting one of each class to 80 (because he’s a little leveling-crazy), he decided to start up another druid. This time, he decided to supplement questing with PvP to make leveling more fun. I asked him for a short paragraph about that bracket of PvP to update my leveling guide, however it turned out to be long enough that it needs it’s own blog post, so he gave me permission to post it here. Here is his advice for new druids trying to break into the level 10 to 19 PvP bracket while leveling.

Battleground Basics

If you are a level ending with 0,1,2,3,4 try not to run them.  You can queue up but you are fodder, be prepared to die unless you luck into a battle ground that happens to be of other players near your level.

For level 10-15 WSG

  • If you choose to queue up in the lower half of the bracket then you have 2 very important roles available to you: Impede the Flag Carrier of the other team, and/or heal your own.

  • If you see another enemy player around your level, have at it. However, on average you will die a lot as you are at a numerical disadvantage being 1-5 levels lower than other players.

  • Don’t forget: When the going gets tough go bear form and run, since the extra armor may just help you live.

For level 16-19 WSG

  • You have Travel form, now WSG is fun, as you are now one of only 3 classes that truly have a speed advantage.  This advantage shared with Shaman with equal speed and slightly slower Hunters.

Balance/Resto advice

  • Your role here is not very different from the role you play in the 10-15. Your focus will be on slowing down the other Flag Carrier and helping your Flag Carrier survive. However, now you are more mobile; and mobility = survival.

Feral advice

  • If your raid is smart, you will be the primary flag carrier. You have the speed of the Shaman and Hunters however you can also cast a HoT on yourself and go to a more heavily armored form than either the shaman or hunter.  Yes, the Shield-wearing Warrior or Paladin may have more armor than you do, and they do make excellent Flag Carriers once the flag is safely in your base.  However, no one beats feral druids for carrying the flag mid-field from base to base in this bracket.

  • You can also toss around a few heals as needed, especially if you don’t have a healer in your raid.

A few tips for all:

  • Have Health and Mana potions.  Try to only use mana potions, mana = shifting = mobility = survivability.

  • If you see a Rogue, cast Fairy Fire or FFF on them.  Now they can not stealth.  For the armored characters (Warriors, Paladins and other Druids), casting Fairie Fire on them is also useful.

  • Hibernate druids and hunter pets, especially if they are harassing your Flag Carrier.

  • Cast Rejuvenation on yourself (it’s an instant-cast heal over time spell) before picking up the flag.

  • Go out the door you did not come in, unless you have info telling you otherwise, i.e. a hunter or someone else watching the escape routes.

  • Let them get 1 or 2 different slowing effects on you before shifting to break it.  Most players, unless they are very skilled, will not work together to chain speed decreases.

  • Do not shift on every frost bolt.  Eat the slow down unless you are getting heavily bombarded.  If you have a pocket healer or 2 (like your mobile Resto/Balance cousins), you can stay in Bear form to eat damage until you see a good clear path, then shift to travel form and go.

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7 comments on “Leveling a druid: PvP from 10 to 19
  1. Eric says:


    It’s probably not worth your time, but: is there any general advice you can give to someone levelling a healing druid? I have feral druid alts, and have tanked and DPSed in PUGs, but there always seems to be a near-constant need for healers on my server, and I’d like to see all the instances before Cataclsym hits…



  2. Lissanna says:

    The blog version of my leveling guide has some general advice for healing from 40 to 79, since you can dual-spec into healing at 40.

    Below 40, I have healed every low level instance as either feral or balance spec with just a decent set of caster greens.

  3. Eric says:

    Ah, thanks. Question: with spellpower being of interest to both resto and moonkin, did you have an easier time, gear-wise, with going resto and balance, or does it really not matter all that much?


  4. Moewe says:

    Just a few comments from someone who has PvPt his druid from 10 to 60 now (10k kills):

    a) From 10-19, there is no feral! Damage is mediocre at best, useful talents are nonexistant. Just play healer or Balance! You can still be the main flag carrier, you almost lose nothing to wearing equip with strength or agility.

    b) It’s extremely important to learn powershifting as soon as possible, nothing can stop a powershifting travel form druid (except mana issues). By powershifting I mean: keybind a makro that makes you leave your current form and then makes you switch to that form immediately again.

    /cast travel form

    (Sorry, I play on a different language-client, didn’t test this makro)

  5. Lissanna says:

    @Eric – I always just kept up a melee & caster set. However, if you are leveling an alt and thinking of heirloom items, then resto/balance is going to be easier than resto/feral gear.

  6. Lavata says:


    Yes feral 10-19 is very limited with only bear form. Yes you don’t do great damage. However if you don’t want to be a caster and focus on flag running you can do just fine.

  7. Psynister says:

    @Moewe – that’s a very nice point that a lot of druids are missing right now. In the 19 bracket there’s nothing wrong with using your bear form when needed, but your real value to the group will be in healing, rooting, and using things like Faerie Fire to tag rogues and lower armor for melee targets.


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