Sarufang 25 Strat for My Conspiracy guildies

So, my guild killed Sarufang fine with two 10-man groups over the weekend, but we never got a night of attempts last week because of disconnect problems and other things that pretty much wiped out the equivalent of a whole night of raiding.

So, today was our first attempt on 25-man. We had about 15 people standing at range (Ranged DPS & healers) and about 10 people in melee range (tanks & melee DPS).

We started out trying to do a standard “misdirect to the moonkin” strategy, which seemed to go horribly because the moonkin NEVER had aggro on anything. I’m not sure why, but most of the time, the adds just ran around all over the palace and was not as neat & organized as the strategy guides everywhere said it should be. Hunter’s Miss Direct to the kiting target should be using multishot (to get initial aggro on them) and distracting shot (for the focus target) the adds to the target. Rogues TOT can also be used to generate threat for the ranged group. However, using rogues is more risky because adds on the melee are bad.

So, we tried switching to this new strategy that I’m going to describe below. I’m going to say now that it’s not a conventional strategy, and that I usually NEVER write strategy guides. We also haven’t killed the boss yet with this, but I needed to draw pictures to explain what I was trying to say over vent.

Conspiracy’s Righteous Fury Strategy for 25-man Sarufang:

First, we have a healing paladin with Righteous Fury standing in the middle of the ranged groups. Then, we have ranged with knockbacks (moonkin, elemental shaman, mages) close enough to knock things back. With a line of hunter traps & earthbind totems to slow the mobs down, the mobs shouldn’t (in theory) reach the healing paladin all that often.

Here’s what the room setup looks like:

  • The room is sliced up into “pie pieces”.  Ranged is put into pairs of 2 people who stand on top of eachother.
  • Each pair of ranged/healers stands in their own pie piece and the pair stays > 12 yards away from other pairs as much as possible. You can move anywhere in your pie slice (forwards & back), but as much as possible, avoid moving into other people’s pie slices.
  • In the figure below, the Red is the boss & melee & tanks.
  • The Pink circles are where healers stand. The middle pink circle is where the RF pally Threat Target stands.
  • The green circles are where Ranged DPS with knockback stands, so they’re close to the RF pally target.
  • The blue circles are other DPS pairs, still close enough to reach the adds.


The Add Phases:

  • Pally healer with RF is the focus of threat generation, and only moves when he has to move to avoid the adds.
  • Melee & tanks stay on the boss & avoid using any AOE abilities when the adds are on the platform with them.
  • Ranged DPS needs to focus target off the person assigned to be the assist target. Ranged DPS needs to ONLY use single-target damage abilities, as otherwise you are pulling aggro off the intended targets. The adds are also resistant to AOE damage, so your AOE won’t do as much damage as your single-target spells do. You can also stun, root, or otherwise help with locking the adds in place so they aren’t running around.
  • Ranged DPS should make a focus macro or something if you need to. Here are helpful commands:

To set someone as the focus:
/focus Lissanna

To attack that person’s target the command is:

/Assist focus

Picture 2: Add focusing Picture

  • The Blue square in the middle is where all the frost traps & earthbind totems should be focused on slowing the adds.
  • The pink Circle is where the RF pally target will start. Hunters can Miss-direct to the pally target.
  • The green circle knockback groups can bounce things away from the pally target. They may need to (one at a time) move between the pally & the adds if their knockback is shorter ranged to target them, but then they need to move back to the green circles.


I’m not recommending that every raid group try this, but it seems to be working better for us, and I wanted to write this out to make it easier for my guild & raid leaders & everyone else to “get”. We should (hopefully) have the boss down Thursday night & I’ll edit this with changes or adjustments we make as things go along. If you guys have suggestions, feel free to post comments.

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7 comments on “Sarufang 25 Strat for My Conspiracy guildies
  1. Rissy says:

    Our strategy is to use AOE a sec or so before the adds spawn to get the adds out of the melee. Then all the ranged just nuke them with the moonkin pushing them back and the totems, etc. used in the middle. It’s fast and then everyone just gets back to the boss. Every now and then we have a DK who is very silly and uses pestilence when the adds spawn, so one will stick on them. But they die so fast, just nuke and you’re done.

    We don’t have them going to one specific target, as all ranged help kill them. But most of them go towards the center anyway, and then warlocks and mages, etc. will pick up any strays since we’re all spread out.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Cassandri says:

    If it works for your raid, do it!

    We found it harder to keep the adds off melee and tried this in combination with a boomkin doing a bit of aoe as they spawn and standing at the center back where the portal brings you in.

    That said, any healers (and our holy pally was definitely one) who drew them away we repositioned to be as close to the center back and still be 12yards away from the boomkin.

    The only thing that messes it up is if the melee have AOE stuff going at the wrong time – Blade Flurry, Divine Storm whatever. We call a stop to all AOE dps abilities a few seconds before the adds spawn. Really helps.

  3. Lissanna says:

    I was still trying to hurricane at the beginning to try and draw them towards the pally & knockback groups. However, it still wasn’t quite “clicking” for us, regardless of which strat we tried.

  4. Tuffhead says:

    Hurricane didn’t do crap for me either. The way we killed him was the same as you with a RF paladin in the middle stacked with me as boomkin with two range assist. one on the right and one on the left. We skipped the hurricane but I would wrath the first 3 of I think 5 as they spawn to ensure they went towards the paladin. Once they were out of range of melee shaman dropped a earth bind which rooted them for 3 seconds or so, then when they got closer to paladin he would knock them all back. By this time 2 should be dead with 3 left, the two side groups start on the other 3 while me and the shaman killed the last one. If any got to the paladin I would root/typhoon it away and none would ever actually touch him. Worked quite well. At first we had a single assist but two worked better one on each side.

  5. Muimui says:

    As a Moonkin I was thriller to finally “have something to do”.

    However the whole hurricane-getaggro-typhoon thing just isnt working. With -95% AoE dmg on the beasts and Hurricane doing ridiculous dmg to start with, its just impossible to get – even more to keep – aggro on the bloody meanies.

    The way we do it :
    People spread at range, stacked by 2, 12+y afar (blood nova)
    We assigne couples to specific add. Like “far right” “bottom right” etc.
    Any couple of decently geared Moonkin/Mage/Deslock/Hunter CAN kill a beast in seconds.
    We have melees kill the “top” add which spawns behind boss. Just have 2 people rotating stun on it.

    Since we do this, we are rolling on the fight.

  6. Treeboi says:

    My guild killed Sarufang25 by having all the casters AoE the adds as they appeared.

    It wasn’t good enough to just have the hunters do it, or the moonkin do it. We needed our mages and warlocks AoEing too.

    Also, it’s imperative that your melee and tanks stop their AoE attacks several seconds before the adds spawn. Prot pallies, DKs, and fury warriors are particularly bad at that, since AoE attacks are part of their rotation.

  7. Kankles - Laughing Skull says:

    I’m our guilds designated core Resto drood/doomchicken. Over the past two weeks we have downed him on 10 man (easily) with 5 groups. We have downed him on 25 both weeks as well but it is substantially more difficult. The first week I was not present to raid due to work, however, this week I was raiding and did participate on the Saurfang fight. We attempted the Hurricane/Aggro/Typhoon method but like everyone else we found that hurricane generated virtually zero threat to the mobs. We altered things up a bit with a method similar to your own but we used a bit more of a double-up technique to help ensure max dps on the adds while maintaining a gaurentee that the adds don’t stick to melee:

    1. Pally healer with RF.


    2. Pally tank dropping conc just before spawn and kiting any mobs that aren’t going straight for the healer.

    This worked out just fine. Our hunters dropped frost traps everywhere and the beasts rarely caught anyone.

    You’ll notice earlier I said it helped to ensure max dps. What I mean to say is, this allowed our Unholy DK’s (We were running w/ 3 that night) to Pestilence up the mobs and allowed other melee dps to get off some cleavs, etc. to help knock them down a bit before they got away – every little bit helps.

    Overall this works well but I imagine your group needs to be pushing really nice DPS to sack an extra melee for a spare kiting tank.

    I will say a couple things that I’ve noticed among 25 mans that are failing:

    1. Too many healers. Anyone healing on this fight will tell you it’s easy until the soft enrage. At that point Saurfang’s blood power beings to stack so quickly that he Marks too many people for healers to maintain. You might say – doesn’t that mean you need more heals? No. It means you need more DPS. The faster the adds go down, the less BP he builds. The less BP he builds, the fewer marks he tosses… see where I’m going with this?

    2. Something we did on our last attempt which proved to be HIGHLY effective. Marked ranged dps/heals were asked to run to the center of our resto Sham’s thunderdome (totems). He just spammed chain healed them while the other healers just maintained standard tank and raid heals.


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