Support Child’s Play Charities with Azeroth United

So, there are about two weeks left for you to donate to Azeroth United’s charity drive for Child’s Play. You can donate by going to the AU website and clicking on the “chip in” button, OR you can use the chip in button that is at the end of this post.


AU passed their original $5,000 goal, and are now trying to meet a new goal of $10,000! That also means that on the Child’s Play charity website, AU is now a gold sponsor of Child’s Play!

There is one more fun event coming up. On December 6th, Mike Schramm will be playing an endless set list on Rock Band 2. What he has to do is play every song in the game on expert mode. He is expecting this feat to take 7 or 8 hours to do. You guys should all go watch him play his endless setlist and help donate more to a great cause!

And one more thing! gave us special 25% off coupon codes.

The code for this week (expires 12/6) is: childsplay589

You can buy anything at the swag dog shirt store. I’d recommend Christmas shopping for your favorite WOW player with the coupon code, and then donate your savings to Child’s Play!

Below is the Chip In direct link for the AU child’s play charity drive.

It will take you directly to the secure payment site & the money goes straight to Child’s Play. You also get a chance to win some really neat prizes from the sponsors that have donated to AU’s contest if you donate $10 or $20.

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